Oct 29, 2012

The weather is changing and we just love to go out more!! And the kids like that too!

I can watch them for hours!! They are just so cute, and when I look at them I am thinking, do  I hold them enough, do I kiss them enough, do I say I love them enough??? Because time is on a jet plane.... but I am here with them 24/7 , and I haven’t miss one thing of them.....I COUNT MYSELF SOOOOO LUCKY!!  To have the privilege to be a stay-at-home-mom...its the best job ever!

Wium is racing to have all his teeth soon but Nika ( have the symptoms but no teeth showing) They getting more and more talkative , saying the basic one years old words, and their own twin langue. Nika can say her name!!! But I think it’s only because it such an easy name.

This morning she wake and I was lying in bed listening....first she call mamma....and then when she defiantly wanted me to come and get her....she call Nika..its so sweet.

They are sleeping so much better, I can not tell you how more sleep for us has changed my life. For the past 2 weeks( when we decided to not get up for them all the time)  every night one of them will sleep from 7 to 6 and the other one will wake once ( so much better than 10 time a night) for the first time in a year we have had time to start watching a series on TV, its addictive!! So soon all the last years missed movies will follow.

They are eating everything you give them and are not fussy about food, its great. And they love coffee shops ( maybe because other people are having them on the hip,  and they got attention.

We are going out ALLOT!! So when they saw I am getting out their Orange-bag ( with all their goodies in it) they go BALLISTIC !!! Then they will cling to your legs ( which mean you cannot move to pack) they will start to moan. I think they know we are going out and they are so scared we will leave them behind ( who will ever leave them behind??) if I pack for the weekend they will be on me the whole day till daddy comes home. If you put the one in their car seat the other one will crawl to the other side  of the car and sit and wait for the door to open.....just so scare to not leave with us. When they all strap-up.....they start smiling!!!

They love playing hide and seek for the past 2 months. They do it daily! One will go behind the curtains and then the other one rip the curtain open.....and then they think its the best ever. Last week I saw them each with a cloth over their eyes while they crawl.....it think you call that game hide-and-seek-on-the-run.

Their best game of all time, when I am lying on the floor and they can crawl, attack, climb and abuse me. Very funny for them to put the fingers in my navel....

..they love giving kisses and hugs!!! They adorable!! xxxx
if you catch them like this.......trouble

Oct 25, 2012


Oct 23, 2012

Sunday we went for some shopping at a nearby town. Just to fill-up all or cupboards and baby stuff we are in need of. After an hour in the mall we have done NO shopping, just diaper change and giving food!

Before kids..... in that hour , I would have finish ALL the shopping !! now NONE.

Then we sleep over  at friends, which are always a bliss!! To see them and to have so many laughs!! Thanx for your hospitality chaps xxxxx

Next morning 9h we visit the chiro, Nika was having a bit of discomfort after her leg got stuck 2 weeks ago and I have had terrible headaches lately  ... now we sorted out!!

Then it was vaccinations time, I am always feeling so sorry for them and then they take it was a breeze ( maybe use to needles after their stay in ICU)

Nika is weighing 10, 7 kg and her length 79 cm.  Still only have 2 teeth and she got her first torn in her foot ( and she can not even walk where did she got that from?) Wium are weighing 9, 7kg and his length 78cm and busy with tooth no 8.

After that they fall asleep and I hit the shops while Luv did car-baby-sitting, amazing how much you get done on your own!

As we hit the road they wake and so we end up at a coffee shop where they played on the grass. For them to be in car seats all day not nice at all.


Family time are just so cool!!

Oct 19, 2012

after  getting into and onto everything in the house

you look pass-out like this at the end of the day...

Oct 17, 2012

We are a week and a half into our new very strict sleep routine. The twins did not sleep well at all and we where awake almost the whole night. Sometimes better than other but then when they hit it full on again!!

Wium never want to sleep. Nika is a better sleeper but then her brother wake her all the time.

I don’t want to move them away from each other tried it months and months ago they were so in need of each other so we won’t go that path again,

So we were in despite need of SLEEP!!!!!!!

But when they turn one..... Enough was enough and we both agree we will not get up anymore at night. They were never screamers at night , they just don’t stop talking......when they awake.


We start this not-going-you-2-too-manipulate-your-parents-anymore-ever-at-night-again...

And it works like a bomb!!!  They will go to sleep from 7-8 at night and will wake at 4 o’clock ( thats what you call heaven) have quick sip and sleep till 6-7.

Funny how scared you are to try something new, and then you wonder, why did it took us so long???

Oct 15, 2012

Its suppose to be the start of summer.... but  its pouring outside!!! Its raining cats and dogs!!

And when it rain the first thing on my mind...” pannekoek” !!

Rain=Pannekoek ( pancake)


My grandma have live just opposite us on the farm and she was the best “pancake-baker”,

 the clouds could just look like rain and she have start making the mix...and then when the first raindrops fall, we ran to her house because all our kids just LOVEEEEEE pancakes, and we know she will have then , so when you hit the door, a pancake was already waiting on a plate for you. That such wonderful memories I’ve got form when I was a kid.

I think South-Africans just love them because at any fair or “boerebasaar” the waiting rows are endless...

Me and Luv both like pancakes. I am not the best baker of them ( maybe because everything must be snappy with me, luv will  take his time and that’s why he is the best pancake baker ever in my eyes) as you see its something that get made often in our house. We love them with fillings , sometimes weird ones but interesting....but the best pancakes

Ever are the cinnamon-sugar ones!!!

And today they will be on the menu!!!

Oct 12, 2012

 Wium are getting new teeth again so he is a bit like a whizz now, moaning and complaining. Shame poor chap! Nika have decided this is not for me and still only have 2 shining teeth.

Their sleeping during night turned into a night mare!!! We where up all night. But now they have turned one.... and we decided this is IT. On Sunday night we decided we are just not going to get up for them anymore. They must start learning to sleep. We will only get up when we hear after a long time that they not going to settle. And the outcome....wonderful nights!!!!! They only wake once now, which is heaven on earth. It makes a unbelievable difference for us....more sleep!! We really hope this will last, because with babies, they always do things that amazed you.

They can stand for longer times now and give a step to something near, for me this is not walking ( walking is when they walk) so for now I will call they trying to walk babies. But they are on the move now and I cannot leave them for a sec.

They love climbing stairs ( I think if they can they will do it all day long.) and they can get down too, after lots of practice. Nika is better than Wium she is more stable. They are getting onto everything; the coffee table is where they almost sit all day. Its funny how you think they still babies and then they do stuff that shock you like yesterday.

I went to town and while talking, I get them out of the pram so that they can crawl, what they did. They climb onto their pram by themselves, and wanted to get to the top bar. They just wanted to get onto EVERYTHING!!

Then when I got home I put them on the grass. Wium wanted to swing he loves that. Nika is always playing around the slide, her favourite. I put them on the grass and quickly just push the pram inside the house, it took a few sec’s. When I turn around Nika was climbing up the slide.......my heart nearly stop from shock!!
Nika is not scared of anything....she climbed to the top!!

maybe she is a monkey and not a baby.....

Oct 10, 2012

what will a world be with out DREAMS ?

Oct 8, 2012

 And so a year have passed... it have passed so quickly that I am still in a super-space-of  “really” did I made it???

Did I get to the year mark ??? and O so many was telling me NO YOU WILL SEE !!! and I still waiting to see, and you know my eyes are wide open and I don’t see it ( not even with my spec’s or contact lenses) I am still waiting to see....

That made me wonder .... these “OTHER PEOPLE” of who is family and friends,

Is it just to have a say ??

Are they just a parent with no baby-skills?

Are you just super=dooper=damm=freaking-lazy?

Are just a parent for the shine ( you know the family with the nice fam-photo)

Or are you this know-it-all-parent ( who don’t even look after your own kids and are always without them because YOU NEED A BREAK and are always telling others how hard it is to have kids)


When I got my babies, it was my OWN decision to raise them on my own with Luv. I wanted to look after them myself ( afterall I have waited so long for them and I don’t want to miss anything they do) and its not that I am not career driven, its just my decision to be a stay at home mom. And because I did not have someone helping me at home ,people was sitting waiting to see that I will not cope...so from the first month I was hearing SO will see, you cannot do everything on your own just wait till they 2 months or this or that month....and no its a year and I still wait to see, what I don’t have a clue??

And I am coping well without a day nanny or a night nanny or a grandma or a babyguru. I have been with my babies all the time except the day I was in hospital with the ectopic. , I took my kids with where ever I go and it fine. Bit chaos but its fun.

So people can do it and some cannot, so if you cannot do it keep your mouth shut.

I don’t want a star on my forehead for...nicely done!! It was my decision. Why not give me some credit, because I have done it on my own and it was fun and still are... I love my babies to bits!!

Oct 4, 2012

Playing is I think one of the most wonderful things for, being a kid. You can play all day long and just have fun !!! and that is what me and the twins are doing ALL DAY LONG.

I don’t get any time more to do my own stuff, due to the extra help I’ve got. If I un pack the dishwasher, they climb into it( I do that in the evenings now) when I do the washing, they immediately crawl to the veggie-garden to rip it apart or put old snail shells into their mouth, it give me the creeps ( so now I do the washing at night ) because I was vacuuming for when they were only a few weeks old, they are so used to the vacuumed machine, when I put it on, they charge to me and start to attack the nozzle, it’ s a BIG GAME for them ( so now I vacuum at night) if I want to do any other thing they grip my pants, what leave me to leave what I was busy with and give my attention to them.

As you all can see all that’s left is to play all day long, and they just love every sec of that. Because we did such a lot of things they love to swing and slide( not on their own) love water playing and sand is a all time favourite ( can be of the lust for their new sand-diet) stairs is fun and the newest thing to put cushions and then climb on them into the couches ( it gives me nearly a heart attack, but at the end its part of life and learning)

So see how they develop due to playing is so wonderful and rewarding to us. I believe that what you put in ,you will get out double in life !!

 I want to keep them playing for as long as possible...
..playing at their party...

Oct 1, 2012

And so the twins turned ONE !!! the few days before the party its was the weirdest feeling to know that I am going to bake a Bday cake ( have you ever thought that??? And our babies will have friends over to party with them....have you ever thought that will happen, and people will sing” happy birthday” to YOUR KIDS !!! can we be so lucky !! at last !!

It was a bit emotional for me and I cried after looking at our miracle day, a year ago. It is the best ever to look at our birth video. It bring back soooo many memories and moments!.

... and the girl with the golden heart who made all the possible... THE BEST SIS IN THE WORLD  and I am the lucky one to have her.....SURO-SUS!!!! I salute you xxxxx

I have had 2 cakes( one for their bday date and the one for the party-day) I enjoyed it so much to made it myself.

On the Birthday, Suro-sus and her family and my mother came to us. So nice to have the family over and we have had loads of fun. And the next day it was


PARTY-DAY!! Or do I have to say Circus day! It was a circus in my house, I have only invite just babies-friends for the first year, because nobody can really walk yet.

When I put the cake down...Wium get a  grip on the nose of the clown, and we could not get it back again... so it was n nose-less-clown. I struggle to get the candles going, they just want to touch it, my only conclusion of a 1year old  party..... its total chaos and FUN     !!

It was such a special day and I huge milestone in our lives!!

We were exhausted!!!

Nika and Wium I cannot tell you how much you 2 mean to me, there are NO words for that. I just adore and love you to bits. You are the most special babies of my heart and I enjoy having you ALL DAY on and over me. You have bring so much to me and you dad, we cannot think a live without you 2.




The family circus arrives

Their 2 nieces, sing to when on their Bday!

The cake I had made....clown with candyfloss-hair.

Nika and Wium with their Tummy-Aunty !!

Happy Happy Birthday!!!