Sep 28, 2012

Happy Birthday my lovely little Miracle twins!!!!

The first birthday updates will follow soon...

Sep 26, 2012

Sep 26, 2011

32 WEEKS!!!!!! And Guess what!!!!!!!


Wednesday half pass one; we are going to meet the most precious, beautiful, special, cute, miracles twin babies!!!!!!!!!!! In the world!!


We are going to be PARENTS!!! Can you believe it!!!!!


We visit the doc today and Suro-sus cervix is hanging on threads!! It’s open!! I could see that on the scan and if there is one thing we don’t want, it’s labouring at home. Not again. When the doc made the call of the due date , I start crying!!! After all these years its happening.


Luv got time to get his ass down here (He is super ecstatic!!) and I need to get the cameras charged and we need to do the last minute waxing and sorting of the suro-sus kids for Wednesday!!


All I can say is WoWWWWWW WoWWWWWW!!!!!


This was my post a year ago... I still can remember the excitement!! it was overwhelming !! it can still feel the fivers.....and how we could not wait to meet them.. at blooming last.

Sep 25, 2012

Many moons and years ago my parents bought Molly for R75. ( now will not even bought a small baby scooter for that price)

Molly was an antique or do I have to say she was an “ancient” little car. She was my mothers, MOM’s TAXI. And we all just loved little Molly!

For us Molly was super cool , because she look different than all our friends parent cars. Later on, some did make jokes about poor Molly!

My mother deliver cucumbers to the super market in Molly and collect pig-food at some hotels and all of this was place is Molly petite boot.

All my nephews and nieces could also fit into Molly on holidays and she was a wonderful place to play in.


Then I was in High school Molly got exhausted and tired!! and it cost too much to fix her because the parts are too expensive. So Molly got parked in a barn for years.....and then somebody how renovated OLD CARS bought, Molly.

They LOVED Molly and redo her. My parents have seen Molly a few times. And now on her old day Molly is a celeb!!! She was on Pacella ( a local TV program) and she appear sometimes in the newspapers. Because Molly is doing road trips!! Can you believe!! Molly is on the move!. WHo said an old lady can not dance?

So on our way home after the weekend as we enter our home the local restaurant....I spotted MOLLY!!! We past with me saying that was Molly. Luv ask if his must U-Turn to go back... me ...YES!

We get out and took some pic’s when the new owners was getting back to their... Molly. I was asking the lady.... Is this Molly??? She reply, how do you know her name is Molly??? Me... because it was our Molly!!

It was so nice to see Molly again!! And she defiantly has had a facelift!!

You go funky Molly!!

Sep 24, 2012

We went away for the weekend and boy was it a hectic one !!! The twins are really suffered with their teeth. Wium got fevers the whole of last week, but Nika was fine. Friday night we did not sleep... at all.

Saturday they was grumpy all the day and that night Nika got a fever of 40... we did not sleep at all !!

Sunday they where grumpy and crying most of the day and they look like flat tires.... they have had zero energy, we felt so sorry for them. And you can see how swollen their gums was and their cheeks was on fire.

Sunday night as Luv put Nika to bed she start to vomit all over him , all over everything, it was chaos and she had fever, have to say after the vomiting she was lots better.   Wonder how Luv look...... he have had vomit all over his shirt and pants ( it was funny I did start laughing, very glad it was not me!) look as if someone have spill paint all over him and Nika was squashing her hands in it.

Sunday night we did not sleep......

So this long weekend was..... Not relaxing, not a catching up on lost sleep ( do that still happen?)

It was a not your usual one. Hope that dam teeth will so soon here !!

And on our way home.....I saw MOLLY !!! will tell you tomorrow about the legend!!

Sep 20, 2012

I am finishing all my to-do-list-things. I am doing it like a retired snail... it just don’t get finish. I have made lists but as you know things just got more and more.

..and I need to start planning the twins 1st party !! in a week’s time. It is something that came on me o so hard, because a year have past in a flash. I just cannot  believe it has been a year that I have been blessed to be a mommy. Its the best job ever....I think its my dream-job....I am addicted to it.

The twins are so special in their own way, and daily they are doing more and more cute things. We have so much fun, I am scared they will be big to soon, and because I can not have more kids and this is my first and final stage of everything, I need to enjoy it all.

Nika and Wium will have a “Circus Party” why because my whole house and our whole life have change overnight into a CIRCUS !

Our life is colourfull-fun-up-side-down-choatic-never-a-dull-moment-pleasureful and full of excitement just like a ....CIRCUS !!


And I cannot wait to bake the cake, suro-sus think  it’s a joke and some of my friends want to babysit the kids , just to see my baking skills ( what so funny??? Do they know my non-baking-skills maybe?)

I can tell you this, I just cannot wait for the party, I love parties .
This is the invitations.. made it myself

Sep 17, 2012

This weekend was so hot and we just love it!! And the best part the twins are wearing less clothes, which mean.... I can see that most adorable cute little bodies. I just love it!

Yesterday we met up with friends and they were playing in the water the whole day. They like water allot and are not scared at all, thanx for that!.

This weekend for the first time i a very long time, I got time to do some work in and around the house . I painted a wall and a couch and did some gardening, while luv played in the sand put with them. Unbelievable how much you can finish off when they are not around.


And I think with summer in the air.... I’ve got loads of energy!

This is how you look if you have pass-out...zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sep 14, 2012

The twins are struggling so much with their teeth!!! They’ve got these terrible burning bums ( I can see how sore it is for them) and Wium are getting very high fevers.

And this whole week I am just having an eye on him, because his fever was running very high, especially at night time. What means not much sleep in this house? We are up all the time to just monitor him.  With twins its hard when the one needs yout attention more, because he just wanted to sit on my lap all the time and I wanted to hold him, but Nika dont always understand and that breaks my heart. Luckly its weekend so mom and dad are both at home 24/7 ( afterall this is my best time ever) Luv is a real sweetheart with his kids and when they've got fevers he is like  a hen watching over his chicks.I really wish that damm teeth wants to show now! Please.

They are now super cute ( I now every single stage are super cool) they love playing hide and seek in the curtains, and crawling after each other. Nika is climbing on the coffee table every opportunity she get. They are so full of bumps now, because they are careless. And if we forgot to close the gate to the stairs, they up there its the best game ever. Wium is quickly up, but Nika loves attentions and wants like a standing ovation for everything she do. She is more the drama queen. Loves to talk all the time....her own language.

In two week they turn one.... this is kreepers. One year!!! Like luv said last night, I still don’t believe we’ve got kids!!!! And I am off to start planning their celebration!!!

Sep 10, 2012

 I just love watching the Olympics’ that took place in London. I think it would have been so nice to watch some of the games myself 

Have to say we are going to miss it now, was so nice relaxing at night watching it.

Funny how while you watch it you wish you could have been so sporty and energetic!  But with in a sec you think, sporty, while you lying on the couch??

If you only can think how much effort and time and all the ect was going in, to just got yourself to that level. It’s super amazing!!! It’s not just a I want to do it, its years of planning and exercising.



And then I look at the Paralympics. People with disabilities!!! They took the medals of my heart !! people doing swimming without limbs? People running And all the other sport. Can you only think what kind of spirit those “brave hearts” must have. They are super.

Then I think how those people did not go and sit in a corner and ask ”why me”??  No, they grab the world and wanted to make the best of it! They want to show the world if you are a bit different like others, you still can make the most of it.

Then I start thinking how MANY people I now are always complaining and moaning and have no spirit for life anymore....and the best is there is nothing wrong with them!!! They are just depress and don’t like the world!!! Freaking hell and then you get these Paralympics chaps, you think don’t you need to learn a lesson from them?????

Thats one of the things that have had a great influence on my life!! Years ago I rip all my knee ligaments in hockey. I was sitting in the car waiting for my mom thinking how bad it is, I cannot walk , it will take months, its sore and its plain just bad.....  then I saw this poor man, without a leg on crutches. He was “walking with his crutches and ONE leg from his home and that was far! He don’t have money for any help and that day change allot  of how I am thinking. That day a saw that if you ever think YOUR life and problems are BAD!!! I can put my head on a block..... There is someone out there, who’s life is much more worse than you can ever think of! So if I am ever thinking geeeee man this is bad, the next moment I think, yes , but you are not the worse so get your ass up and go!!! That was what have keep me going and  I have decided I wanted to make most of every single second of my life!! And I am doing it!!!

Thanx for people who we can look at, and value life !

Sep 7, 2012



Sep 5, 2012

Sometimes things happen that will always get stuck into your head. Things you will always wonder about. When the twins were in ICU other babies have come and go.


I still remember the morning opening the door of the ICU into this chaos of  doctors, sisters, immediately seeing big trouble ! and Nika’s bed was empty and everyone was hanging over this baby ( I could only see the feet) I was in shock thinking its Nika!!

But during the night they have put Nika and Wium together in one little bed, that’s why her bed was empty.

It was the day I was geared to took loads of photos of the twins, after all, we have had days and days of time. But that day I was sitting like a quiet mouse just looking at this picture that was displaying in front of me.

This baby was born on 40 weeks, nothing wrong, but during labour something went bad. They have struggle for 20 minutes to get the heart rate of the baby going ( don’t know all the detail)

I have only had a glimpse of this baby boy and I was listening to all that was happening around me. Thinking how lucky we have been, twins born 2 months too early and now they fine, and here is a 40 week baby and he is suffering.

The dad was in and out wanting updates, and later the morning  he was wheeling the mother who wanted to see her son. I was thinking how this was supposed to be their happiest moment in life, meeting their first born. And now its chaos. She was so lost and I still remember talking to her and she was so shock. Telling me her side of the birth experience and she was so scared and she did not understand the machine  her baby was on. I remember this first few days in hospital, all you wanted to know if the heart rates, oxygen levels ect is fine. You ask million if time that fine. After a few days you know all the ranges.  But this lady was terrified of all the beeping of the machines.

They decided to move the baby to another hospital with more advanced ICU because there was defiantly a big problem. I was listening how they needed approval from their medical aid for the move and how they waited for a ambulance.

I remember how upset the father was, because the ambulance took so long and I now what’s going through your mind, because very second count!! I remember how I want to help the father to fight to speed everything up, how I want to ask can we not just get the baby in my car and drive...just to get there, please.

I remember how they wait next to their baby for the ambulance, the anxious father and the scattered mother ( shame she was suppose to lay in bed, drooling over her newborn, but instead she was running in her PJ with a gown  waiting to get transfer to another hospital)

I am thinking ssssoooo many the baby boy and his parents are doing??

I think for the rest of my life I will be wondering about them......

Sep 3, 2012

Its September and its SPRING !! But O no !!! where is spring hiding? I cannot wait for it to start. But its so cold!!!!!

When I was in school the 1 of September was a BIG day at school. All the little kiddies was sending home to make small little bunches of flowers from their garden and them on the 1st. The teacher with all these kids hit the town and give out all these flowers, especially to older people...and I still remember the happy look on their faces!


Funny how I remember it now for the first time in years!!! Maybe after all these years I am also start to get out of my “winter-stage” things are start to bloom inside is me again, jippee!!


And I just adore flowers!! My whole family just loveeeeessss flowers.