Nov 19, 2012

We have had a very busy schedule lately, we visit Suro-Sus quickly, and some friends ( that was really nice) and pop in to the shops , while friends and family babysit...yes I am leaving them with other people now..... But it’s always quickly!.

We visit my parents on the farm, and let the twins swim which they love. I want to learn them now too, not being afraid of water and to be water-wise. In the town where we live there is a lady doing swimming classes and when I phone her, because I want to take the babies, she said she only do  it from 2 years... you cannot learn them now they too young...... yes I was shock!! every one I know took their kids from 3 months and I have been to classes with suro-sus kids and saw with my own eyes how babies, where operating in water and it was amazing. I wound  nottake my kids to her,  I will do it on my own.... that’s small-town –bummer I suppose!!

Nika was climbing against an eating chair and have had a really bad fall!! Poor little thing , but minutes after that she was up and about again. She just love climbing.

My parents have planted a fruit tree for every grandkid when they were born. Nika have Plumcot and Wium a Nectocot. We took some pics at their trees. They love the farm. Just before we leave, we bath them and put them in the car, they were so tired of all the playing and swimming, they fall asleep in seconds. When we arrived home, its the gamble do we wake them or let them sleep???? Because they went to sleep to early..... we both were so tired!! Decision..... put them in bed and see what happen......and they sleep till the morning!! Wowo that was nice.
Nika all "armed up" for the swin
The "ouma and oupa" grandkids fruit trees.
Nika and Wium before their trees.
Twins having a "ball" in their grandma's nurcery

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