Dec 21, 2018

and so 2018  have only a few days left!! it have gone by in a zip!

we had loads of fun this years!
we started a new chapter of school this year....

we did something new..
it was school concert....
we play sport...
and we chill......

it was a year with so much happening en we where so blessed in so many  ways!!

now its time to rest before we take 2019 by its horns!!

Dec 7, 2018

TIME….. was one of the things this year I realise was “a thing” that have a influence of everything.

 This year time was flying by with a hell of a speed! Its feels like yesterday when I drop the twins for their first day of school and with a blink of my eye, they finish their first grade !! with so much things that have happen in their life’s. 

It was the first year in years that I have sort a lot of stuff in my life out. I could organise more, and I could get things done that have been on my life for years and years now.

Because time was whooping pass and I daily new that every step of my kids life I don’t want to miss out on a single thing. I was so busy enjoying every single second of my kids.

 If I only remember how long 10 years of infertility feel…it was forever ! and now 7 years with kids feels like a few months. I know that every phase pass and I want to make most of it all! It sad that they grow fast and before I knew it they will be longer than me.

Every morning for school I took them in their sleep and carry them down stairs to get wake for school and the last day of the this years school with lot of effort I realise that this will probably be the last, cause they getting to heavy for me now. Sob sob !!!

It was only this week that I realise that I don’t get time to blog anymore, and I there was a time when this blog was so part of my life. But there was just not time and loads of other factors that play apart. 

But I hope next year I will have more time to pop some stories or things on my blog.

Sep 7, 2018

Never give up on your dreams !!

Aug 7, 2018

Gee whizzzzz, it's been a long time since I have post a thing.

I have been sick for nearly 3 months, feeling the worst ever !! I was feeling horrific most of the time. With all the cough-sneeze-snotties-having-zero-energy and still need to do all the things that needed to be done at home. Kids school activities, making food for the family, kids homework and sport.....I dread being sick!!

at last we found the cure for being sick at last!!

so the last 3 week I am me at last!! with loads of work that have been left behind!! but here I am!!

We are in the 3rd quarter of this school year and boy it have been full of challenge and the keep twins happy was not all smile and fun.

I look at them and think why do they need to be this big already!! ( I still cry every time I hold someone's baby in my arms!)

this is mommy"s little netball player
On his way to score!

Weekends are still their favorite!!!


May 23, 2018

In this weeks Vrouekeur Magazine my story of "How my dreams come true"

Apr 25, 2018

In the school holiday my book was available at the Media 24 book-shop-tent. At the KKNK, its a art and show festival in Oudtshoorn in the Karoo.

Thank for all that bought my book!

Mar 1, 2018

This was our first day of the rest of our school life. Very excited... it last for 3 days!!

... and the first afternoon busy with the first homework after 2 minutes... mom look !! and this is what he done!!! the next twelfth years will be  very long!!

we want to play !!!!!!!

and the first athletics of school start. I just love sport so this new Time Zone in my kids life where they can do sport is a highlight in this mothers life. To be next to the field cheering them on , and boy I can yell my lungs out!  is all worth it.

It was rainy and muddy and that was the biggest fun !!more than the running
 and there was more running.....what an experience!.

and this wonderful sister is her brothers biggest supporter!!!! making flags for every race!