Dec 2, 2016

The angel and the shepherd  on their way to school...

Wild animal mask day at school..... he wants to be Scar form Lion King
and she  a bird all the way from Rio.
all she wants.... to be a princess
and he want to be a all-in-one.....a ninja,( on the eyes) SA cricket player ( the shirt) a warrior ( the sword) Sportsman ( the sweatband on the arm)   and don't forget the all time favorite  the cheetah ( the Tail)
I always wanted a beanbag so we made one, twins have had the biggest fun cause the foam balls look like snow!!\
after work dad must be snowed!!
and I made an over size beanbag...the whole fam can relax on it.

Nov 17, 2016

                         Today is WORLD PREM DAY.... and my prems are 5 years old !
 Having fun holding are precious premmies.
our " half hour prem"holding on for dear life
First prem feed of 1 ml milk! and now at 5 they never stop eating anymore
after 2 weeks of prem life they have been putting together after leaving womb-life. They have miss each other some much
I am just so blessed!!!! My prems are healthy, cute, adorable and loveable.

Nov 15, 2016

My have done my 2nd trail which was great fun due to extreme rain and mud!! not much running more sliding and laughing. Like the one ouck said "today let the kids in you come out"

The run was call the Jackal trail and so the kids was worried the whole time the that Jackal have catch mommy!! sorry kids its not the Jackal its the slow mommy!!

this is how our feet look like...donkey feet!!
Next year I will be gear up for new challenges!!

Nov 3, 2016

Last night it was Charlize "Nika" Theron and Bruce "Wium" Willis yearly concert....A night with the stars!
Venue pack with parents, gran's and kids. All waiting for the stars of the evening 

He was a dwarf in snow white and the 7 dwarfs and she was a cowgirl from Toy story
Here the super cool dwarf arrive

Look at this cool cowgirl
Hi Ho Hi HO... off to work we go
Nika enjoy everysec of it, her partner did not pitch but  she did  not have a care about it,,,,, I suppose show must go on!

Oct 26, 2016

2016 are nearly finish which leave me with this  “ I-still-need-to-do-something-this-year-which-I never-done-before”  


So what have I never done before??????



Trail running???? Yes let’s do this !!


I have not been running for the last few years…………. I only swim for a year now, which leave me feeling like Olympic swimmer and the body looking like…. A couch potato!! But after years of infertility drugs force into this fuck up body leave me looking more like a blowfish….so may be after a few years of swimming I will see the before IF body again! I hope so!


Okay three weeks ago I start walk-run 2 – 3 km on my treadmill 2 x a week!! I wanted to do a 8 km trail….  I have this funny my-own-training-programs. If I can run-walk 3km then I just need to do it 3 x over and I get discount of 1 km, this I how my head works. ( the not normal-average-mind)


The week before the race I did not run cause if you do the Comrades marathon you need to rest your body……so I rest! How the hell you compare 8km to 100km still buff my brain but its me.


Saturday 22 I enter the HILL Challenge trail run…very excited to get a goodie bag( I am a freebee lover)  and off we go….after 300metres I wonder why did I do this. We hit a hill after 800m which I walk up cause it’s too steep and walk down cause I don’t want to slide done….. and then before 2km this next…not hill dam mountain was rising upfront! At this stage more walking than running for this girla!.

And it feel just like infertility with this huge walls that want to break your spirit!! And its then when this fighting in me for YOU-WILL-NOT-GET-ME-UNDER-HILLS I will do this kick in.

I put some speed in and my head down and run and if walk it was speed walk.

I feel so strong with no pain in my Knee and ankles which are always the problem and I finish with a great time feeling like a hero!!!!


I know this sound like bragging but I am so dam impress with myself!!! It did my spirit so GOOD seeing you can do things which sound like something out of your reach!!!!

Oct 13, 2016

Funny how you think each month…this month you will have more time on hands…just to get less done.

It always feel like I don’t do anything, but when I look back.. I have been doing stuff all the way all the day.


I am doing Aqua classes for just over a year now!! Yes three times a week, early before anyone wakes in this house. It’s a huge knock on the shoulders for me, the one who are not n morning person. Throughout winter in storm and rain and icy temperatures I was in that pool giving my best. And boy I feel great !!! and  two weeks ago I start running again… cause I need to do something I never done before for the year ( I am doing this things for years now) so I am going a trail run soon!!  I suppose I will be last and near dead, but this mamma neat to get her ass up!

My photo books are not near finish….


But exciting stuff are on the way……
I took a dear friend for her bday for a outing....surprise something...Horse riding. We both can not ride a horse...this is me, dam scared!
my friend in the back. It was such a great day! horse back safari on a game reserve. We have so such laughter. My horse was half dead I think, but this is what happen of you tell the guide . please give me the most tame horse. He did not hear tame but lame...
the horses only walk all the way, but we do look impressive!