May 23, 2018

In this weeks Vrouekeur Magazine my story of "How my dreams come true"

Apr 25, 2018

In the school holiday my book was available at the Media 24 book-shop-tent. At the KKNK, its a art and show festival in Oudtshoorn in the Karoo.

Thank for all that bought my book!

Mar 1, 2018

This was our first day of the rest of our school life. Very excited... it last for 3 days!!

... and the first afternoon busy with the first homework after 2 minutes... mom look !! and this is what he done!!! the next twelfth years will be  very long!!

we want to play !!!!!!!

and the first athletics of school start. I just love sport so this new Time Zone in my kids life where they can do sport is a highlight in this mothers life. To be next to the field cheering them on , and boy I can yell my lungs out!  is all worth it.

It was rainy and muddy and that was the biggest fun !!more than the running
 and there was more running.....what an experience!.

and this wonderful sister is her brothers biggest supporter!!!! making flags for every race!

Jan 30, 2018

Welcome back !!! 2018 is flying in more speed than ever!! I have miss a month cause January is gone with Feb knocking at the door.

My holiday break was marvelous!!  I enjoy it to the last minute and now....

the twins have start school !!! never thought this day will happen ever and now it here for real!

My whole world have turn into a routine!!! how horrible! I hate this same old same old but!! new challenges are in our life and its fun!!.

Kids love school for the first two weeks and then realize this is going to be like this for the next 12 years!

HI Mom do the school know who's coming??
                                                  I will Love the homework!!

Do you like my school hairstyle?? so unique!! so me!
School will be a breeze! can't wait for the sport to start!
Don't worry mom! we have each other we will be fine!!
....and so a brand new chapter start the this house!!!

Dec 22, 2017

                                To all that's going to take a break.....HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

if its in the sun or...
snow!!! just have FUN xxxxx
See you all in 2018, I will also take a break. The past year so many things happen and the biggest one for me was defiantly my book  ZERO GUARANTEES!! that was launch. Thanx to all that bought the book.
and for you that are still busy with the IF journey I know this time of the year are hard. Hugs Hugs xx

Dec 21, 2017

Funny Faces

You how you always want to take this beautiful pictures of your kids..... to show them someday when they all grown up...
Well for the last two years the moment I get my camera out the twins only do funny faces!!!
Then I beg and beg cause I want a nice pic.... it don't work.
So now I took the ridiculous fanny faces photo and when they grown up it will be the only ones and then I can just think the ...."OOO No Mom... why did you took the photo?????
2nd try...
third try....???? it was in a shopping Mall
their  Grade R graduation night
at the concert....
Look how much they enjoy the swim....
do I like this Fanta??
so one in n 100000000 I hope to get a No Funny Face one.....

Nov 3, 2017