Jan 18, 2017

SOME FUN xmas pics!

Our sweetea pie just love swimming!!

...we all just want to do kids stuff no matter what age!

we wrap my mom's own bike and put in under the tree!  you can just think all the guessing that went on who's like lucky one getting n bike!! big fun!!

we don't do prezzies only for your kids, put funny things get collect during the year and then pitch underneath the tree........ look what I got!!!!! till now I still don't know what this is!

very surprise!!!

We all got swim caps!!

the whole bunch together

Jan 13, 2017

HI you all!!    Welcome back , it's 2017  !! a brand new year. With everything new page to start writing new stories, new inventions, new ideas, new bucket lists.

I always LOVE to start over again , cause at the end of each year it always feel as if you did not get to all you wanted to. So just to start new feels WONDERFUL!

I am very slow out of my blocks, but this year, but I  have so many things up it's sleeve for me that I can not wait.

Hope you all have a balloons fill with excitement, love, happiness and peace this year xxxx

Dec 23, 2016

 Hi you all!! it's nearly Christmas time, which just remind me of how dam speedy this year was. Such a lot have happen in my life and so much changes have been made.

I was very busy with the book I write( the reason for no blogging, sorry!) and I can tell you  it was a very emotional and exciting journey. So next year I will keep you on track of when it will be out for reading....

For now I just want to take a break, do zero, just be me and have fun with the kids!

Hope you all have a wonderful time with lots of Ho ho ho......

and to you that just hate this time of year where you don't have  time for Ho-ing, my heart are with you I know how hard it can be with out kids this time. Just think of yourself and put yourself first.

many blessing to you all!!, love you

ME xxxxxxx

Dec 2, 2016

The angel and the shepherd  on their way to school...

Wild animal mask day at school..... he wants to be Scar form Lion King
and she  a bird all the way from Rio.
all she wants.... to be a princess
and he want to be a all-in-one.....a ninja,( on the eyes) SA cricket player ( the shirt) a warrior ( the sword) Sportsman ( the sweatband on the arm)   and don't forget the all time favorite  the cheetah ( the Tail)
I always wanted a beanbag so we made one, twins have had the biggest fun cause the foam balls look like snow!!\
after work dad must be snowed!!
and I made an over size beanbag...the whole fam can relax on it.

Nov 17, 2016

                         Today is WORLD PREM DAY.... and my prems are 5 years old !
 Having fun holding are precious premmies.
our " half hour prem"holding on for dear life
First prem feed of 1 ml milk! and now at 5 they never stop eating anymore
after 2 weeks of prem life they have been putting together after leaving womb-life. They have miss each other some much
I am just so blessed!!!! My prems are healthy, cute, adorable and loveable.

Nov 15, 2016

My have done my 2nd trail which was great fun due to extreme rain and mud!! not much running more sliding and laughing. Like the one ouck said "today let the kids in you come out"

The run was call the Jackal trail and so the kids was worried the whole time the that Jackal have catch mommy!! sorry kids its not the Jackal its the slow mommy!!

this is how our feet look like...donkey feet!!
Next year I will be gear up for new challenges!!