Oct 13, 2016

Funny how you think each month…this month you will have more time on hands…just to get less done.

It always feel like I don’t do anything, but when I look back.. I have been doing stuff all the way all the day.


I am doing Aqua classes for just over a year now!! Yes three times a week, early before anyone wakes in this house. It’s a huge knock on the shoulders for me, the one who are not n morning person. Throughout winter in storm and rain and icy temperatures I was in that pool giving my best. And boy I feel great !!! and  two weeks ago I start running again… cause I need to do something I never done before for the year ( I am doing this things for years now) so I am going a trail run soon!!  I suppose I will be last and near dead, but this mamma neat to get her ass up!

My photo books are not near finish….


But exciting stuff are on the way……
I took a dear friend for her bday for a outing....surprise something...Horse riding. We both can not ride a horse...this is me, dam scared!
my friend in the back. It was such a great day! horse back safari on a game reserve. We have so such laughter. My horse was half dead I think, but this is what happen of you tell the guide . please give me the most tame horse. He did not hear tame but lame...
the horses only walk all the way, but we do look impressive!

Sep 30, 2016

The miracle twins turn 5!!!!!!!!!! I can not believe its 5!!!!! after 10 freaking long years of IF I have 5 years of kids which feel like 6 months!!! just show you bad things feel forever and good thing like a flash!!

Love you two with all of my heart!! you have bless my life in so many ways xxxxxx

for the party we have had this he slide... my mom and aunt are trying the slide out before the kids arrive
great fun I think my mom are going to rent this for her 70's party next year
 for not being a baker this turn out pretty good!!
not the first dog party as you can see... now it  was Paw Patrols turn
... and then the kids arrive and it was PARTY TIME...

like spiders climbing the ropes

 they have never stop sliding for 3 hours non stop
                                                             any kids dream...
all the friends
water balloons wowowowow
are you ready???
and when dad are jumping with ..its best fun ever...
... and after this 5 year bash....all the kids was knock out the night....

Sep 18, 2016

I am busy getting my act together for my no-more-babies-anymore 5 year old birthday party. Wow yes wow!!! Its 5 years already!!

And we are having after lego…..the turtles…..ghost…..another “DOG” party again……PAW PATROL!!


And  this mommy have zero ideas of what to do! And they are just so excited!! So this weekend my brains must get her act together and searching for a cake recipe cause each year I have lost the previous year one. You can see I am not the worlds best baker! Luckily kids think I am a genius.

we visit the Cango Wildlife Ranch in Oudthoorn
the kids have enjoy this day so much
we have spend the whole day at this place
and they have attach themselves to the guide
they just animals
look how big this bird wingspan is,,,,wow
I love hippos
look who is sitting high up in the tree..
riding camels at Wilgewandel


Sep 2, 2016

When the kids was 2 years old I was caught up in this only baby-all-day I join the photography group in town. I love photos but the main reason for joining was..... to go and sit one night a month to have me time!!

Monthly they have a theme and you have to send in 3 pics each month. Yes you do get the whole years theme in the beginning of the year, so its actually dam easy just go and take your camera and shoot....

but after 3 years now I just don't get time to shoot the dam theme. I receive the email... Remember your photos must be in  tonight ( usually a Sunday night)... then I go into over drive!! cause what if everyone is like me and don't send there pics they will not be a club.

So then I crap the camera run off don't have a clue on which setting my camera must be. If I want to press my camera one of the twins are in the pic, yelling at them to get lost helps for 2 seconds. If I lay down for a better angle they jump op top of me so yes how the hell I got my pics in are crazy and I think its very bad photos that got send at the end...

but one day it will all go better... at least once a month I got my me-time and the club laughing at my photos.

this months theme was an "open " one, so anything goes. This was what I did. Maybe the more arty angle will help. Luv think its ridiculous and I think so too but I have had 15 min before sending time
yes the two big rabbits are in most of the photos!! the reason my pic look shit
and then after downloading I need one more so running upstairs throw the 100 and 1000 in n bowl with one of the kids toys for light put the bed light on it.... its one of photos big NO NO cause it made n yellow light but I only click it after pressing the send button!!

Aug 19, 2016

Its Olympics and I am not attending but this I can tell you I am dam tired!!! of watching till late night. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE watching  these people doing sport on a level way above most peoples level.

and to see all the different types of sport! The twins also love watching, I do hope they will not try some of the gymnastic moves! I will die! I wonder how many times did they fall their ass off trying some moves!!

and the swimming!! after watching those chaps I have learn and see how you suppose to swim breast stroke. I just can not do it right and now in my aqua class I have try their way and I think I do look a tiny bit better than drowning!.

and then  South African Wayde van Niekerk crashes the world record!!!
I was so proud for this ouck!!!! It was on our tv I think a 1000 times with the "Bolt""race after that . I watch it over and over and over again!!
and from prem to world class sprinter!!!! his parents must be so proud of him!!!
This article was in our English newspaper......................
""BORN at 29 weeks and weighing just over 1kg, Wayde van Niekerk’s parents never thought he would survive, let alone becoming... a successful athlete.
After his mother, Odessa Swarts, gave birth to him at Tygerberg 23 years ago, the South African track and field champion and 400m sprinter would later be treated at Groote Schuur Hospital’s neonatal unit, where he spent several weeks in an incubator.
“From what my mother tells me it was apparently a very difficult and emotional journey to have a premature baby. There were days where she was not sure whether I was going to make it the next day. That’s how sick I was,” he said.
Yesterday, Van Niekerk, currently the fourth fastest person in history and the first athlete to run the 100m in under 10 seconds, and the 200m in under 20 seconds, donated half-a-million rand to the Newborns Groote Schuur Trust to aid the upgrade of that hospital’s neonatal unit.
Through the Trust, the hospital is fundraising money to expand the unit, which is currently battling to cope due the incidence of pre-term birth in the province.
The unit, which was built in the 1970s, is overcrowded and unable to meet the demand of caring for more than 3 000 babies a year – mostly premature babies"'

Can you think 29 weeks!!!! and all the worries about a prem and then this just show how super amazing life is. Wayde was this prem and look how wonderful his story turn out!!!

I salute you !!!! you have work so hard!!

I wonder what my 2 prems will do one day???


Aug 5, 2016

Today at the kids school it was.......WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU BIG.

there where many Doctors..... teachers, army man, policemen, teachers, sport people ect

Nika always wanted to be a rabbit when she is big.... but it have change to when I am big I want to be a....

GHOST!!!! who wants to be a ghost??
Woooooooo Woooooooooo Wooooooo
Wium wants to be a Springbok Rugby player, he is so proud . he is waiting for the call from the coach
They so dam cute!! and now when they big it will be a nice surprise to see what work they will do. I don't think a ghost or Springbok rugby player.

Jul 21, 2016

at the nursery at the park

yes making fire again!!

When I saw this small little baboon.... it look just like The W when he was a prem baby so dam cute
we saw Lions a few times
This was at a campsite in Marloth Park just outside the Kruger, where wild animals walk near your tents! what an experience!!
Wow!! wow! super  cool!
Look who arrive for coffee...