Jan 28, 2011

Reflex, Tick-off

Reflex-lady was really nice. When we got to the discussion part I more or less feel like a total disaster, I am like a scrap-yard-model, not a lot of working parts!!
With all the hormone-overdose my body are struggling to get rid of everything. My neck is tension-up, that I know!!! Who’s going through IF torture will not be tense up?? Show me that bugger!!
A lot of other things are concerning the girl, so I have made and appointment within the next 2 weeks and then will see, if there is a change on scenery. Which I hope for with my whole heart.
AF arrive so now we know my and Suro-sus cycles. So the next cycle will be IT!!!
Its so damm hard to just call the doctor to discuss the next treatment, its horrible to mail the sister to order the meds.
My friends are busy with their kids first day at school, going to their new swim class, meeting new mummy’s, waiting for the first athletic running. Coming home with their precious baby from the hospital ( like yesterday I had to visit a friend ,to take a gift for the new baby, and to see that small absolutely precious gift  break my heart to pieces )

Everybody’s life  just went on the last 10 years… mine was stuck on Ivf’s, meds, hospitals, blood tests, miscarriages, court case’s, heartache, injections, hormones, theatres, tears, blood, weight gain ,pills, people looking at my vagina ( as if it was one of the worlds 7 wonders ) Trying everything that’s possible, anger, disappointments…
Only  one thing that make me still coping and trying is…LUV!!! He is the best thing in the universe!!!

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