Jan 26, 2011

They gone after 21 years

After a visit too the dentist when I was 15, they discover I still got my baby eye-tooth (what a discovery at that age) so where are they hiding then???? My top jawbone!! See my name is always on the weird-stuff-list.
So I went for and operation where they took out my baby tooth and they put weights on the teeth. With the weights they manipulate my newly-discovered eye tooth into the place where the 2 rascals was supposed to be. I also got braces (which at that age I HATE!!!!!) The weights where fasten to the braces. I was told that this whole ordeal will only be for one and a half years. So when I got 17 I will got my smile back…BUT THEN as things with me, it took 3 …very long years. So just before I was finish with school they came off. I hate it so much then, I never smiled with my mouth showing teeth…I HAVE NO PIC’S OF ME WITH BRACES.
So when the dentist remove the braces they left a very small little bar at the back of your teeth for 2 years , so your newly arranged mouth can settle.

Then after 2 years I ask the dentist, please remove this and he said “NO it’s better for you, leave it there!! So every time I visit the dentist over the last few years, it was the same story. When I am on IF treatments the medicine have some kind of effect on my mouth-nerves and then its irritating my mount with this bar.
I am at a place in my life where I am sorting out big stuff, and because I am heading for my last and final IVf I don’t want that bar in my mouth . So yesterday when I step in the dentist office I order him to remove it or I will kill him!!
…and he remove it….AFTER 21 YEARS the last of the horrible braces are GONE!!!!  My tongue   cannot stop gliding over my new-without-brace-teeth. I just love it

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