Jan 17, 2011

A stomach-bug sabotage my reflex!!

What a bummer!!!! Early this morning the reflex-girl phone to tell me, she is so sick ( stomach bug) and the doctor book her off !!  I was soooooo disappointed!! the whole weekend I was counting the minutes off!!! Seeing forward to heal my body…
But disappointed is my second name.. so now I wait for the “ I am better call”
Today I also started with my try-to-loose-diet. I really am going to give it my all. Its 1 month till my Bday so the first piece of cake (which I Love) will be on my Bday. Hopefully with less kilo’s around my belly.
One of my friends also join a diet, and the next morning she received a text  from the leader“ Today, the rest of your life start”
So when I woke up, take off all my clothes, Take off my spectacles, sit down to pee,( just for that xstra kilo, I wish) I jump on the scale, got a shock  and then I start my eat rite lifestyle.. After breakfast, I text Luv “ today the rest of my life start”  I got the message back

THANK GOODNESS!!!!  I am seeing forward to the next life!!

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  1. Liewe Cstelle,
    Jou boodskap oor Refleksologie is baie interessant. Jou Luv het jy inderdaad 'n mooi waardevol geskenk.
    Dat die refleks girl presies nou maagpijn gekry is natuurlik teleurstellend vir jou. Maar hulle kom tog ooit terug, hulle is tog nie oorlede.
    'N pisje moet ons almal doen, maar van'n gewichtsverschil is daarna werklik niks te let, vreemd genoeg maar so is dit.
    Ek ken die spreuk 'n bietjie anders "Today is the rest of your life ". Maar ek sê: Carpe diem, pluk die dag!
    In Vlaandere is nou sag regenweer, die sneeu is net nog 'n herinnering.
    Baaie kisses. Liefdevol,