Feb 1, 2011

Money.. money.. money!!

So it’s time to organize our next cycle...
Yesterday I phone the clinic,
Sister:        Morning it’s sister X.
Me:    Hi it’s Cstelle
Sister:        How are you doing??? ( not who is speeking…whats your surname??) Did you enjoy your holiday?
Me: Yes and you, how was the camping?? Listen I talk to XXX( the doctor) we are coming again, (so you all must hide!! I know you don’t want to see us anymore...)just ask him about what medicine I need.
Sister: Okay I will, are you still coping??
Me:    yes, but this will be the last time you see me ! I will deposit the money and then  suro-sus will pick it up at XXXX( the other sister)
Sister:        its fine, keep well!!

It was like talking to friends, they know  who I am. They don’t ask if you have the bank account number?? ( no because I know it better than they, all our spending money its already spend with then. She did not ask for the deposit amount ( because we know its R20 000!!!) You know we have been too long in this business.

So Luv’s have just deposit R 20 000!!! ( yes, its my swimming pools money…our nice leather couch… my ticket to an island…air cons for our whole house…money for leisure… money for a beech house…or money I could just used to make a nice “braai” with…) in the clinic’s account… and other people are moaning how expensive kids are!!! And this is just the DEPOSIT!!!

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