Jan 7, 2011


Cannot believe its Friday already. If this is the speed this year is going to fly, I have to put on my SEATBELT!

This afternoon I have to do a bridal make-up and I am seeing so forward to it. In 16 years it will be the 1st ( there is always a 1st ) time I will not use any foundation on a bride. Just because she is so beautiful and so natural. The wedding is going to be on a farm near the sea and I can’t wait to see the venue. The bride is a no-nonsence girl. The bride was a client of mine when she was still in school and now she is going to be wed…and you know what I was thinking about, she will be pregnant before me as well…shit!!!!! And she is years younger!!!

And tomorrow we having a wedding of one of our friends on our home town , so this weekend it’s party time.

My diet is going to see her ass this weekend and then Monday its tears on the treadmill!!! But I suppose you only live once!!!!

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  1. Liewe Cstelle,
    Op en top vroulike! Geniet dit! Hier reën die pijpestelen, die spoel die sneeu heeltemal weg.
    Liefdevolle kissies,