Jan 14, 2011

Wacky wonderful weekend

Its raining now and I love it… because of the 2 year drought we have had. So last week I planted flowers and they just love the rain!! I can see it through the windows. I think they are smiling!!!

We are going to friends tonight and tomorrow we are going to canoe. We haven’t do for a long time. Would be fun!!! Yesterday I swim with Luv in one of our friend’s farm dam. Luv is practising for a tri-athlon in Feb. andnow I am going withif he practise, maybe the swim help for the body toning.

Tomorrow we have a 30th party …for me it feel like party time and I need it now…just to keep me going!

Emotionally I am way of the road… in the next to months we must do the final !!! And its hard on me to get at the point of …this is going to be the end.

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