Jan 25, 2011

doing recovery work to myself

Feels like I have been away for weeks.  I am waiting for AF to arrive so we can plan our next step. But she is like an old maid moving like a snail. SO I am waiting…
Last week Suro-sus husband was having discomfort with his hands and legs, they went to the doctor (an idiot) who give him pills to drink and then Friday it was worse so they tried a new doctor. This doctor sends him to hospital directly.
He was diagnose with Guillain Barre Syndrome (disorder affecting the peripheral nervous system)
Suro-sus was running around between the hospital and her kids. Likely he was discharge from hospital yesterday and recovering at home now.
I am starting to do some damage control of my body, yesterday I went to the Chiropractor, today to the dentist and later this afternoon for the long-waited-reflex!!
The diet ????maybe better this week… Yesterday we went to a Turkish restaurant and order a “tray for 2 with something sweet” they have the nicest coffee. And the something sweet…maybe Turkish delight ??? No they bring a tray with…lemon merique… chocolate mousse …baklava….peppermint tart and the turkish delight.. Mmmmmmm it was nice…..


  1. mmm, all those treats sound YUMMY! Especially to someone that's on a diet.

    I hope everything works out with the damage control on your body!

    and I hope your Suro-sus's hubby recovers and feel much better soon

  2. Thanx!! yes diets???? why is it so hard???

  3. Don't know all I know is that I miss everything I normally wouldn't eat