Jan 10, 2011

Old Age Boxes

After I downloaded my camera I found this photo. On Christmas day we made boxes full of goodies for the people at the old age home. It was elderly people that have no family or their kids did not come and fetch them for Christmas.

It is actually heart breaking…

When it was holidays, when we were young kids and our nephews and nieces visited us, we always took flowers and stuff for the old people. So this year we took the boxes with all the little ones to the home so that they also can  learn to do stuff for others. They enjoyed it so much, I do not think they really understand everything but they thought it was loads of fun. (Have to say they really enjoyed the support rails next to the passage the most, they think it was the best place to hang on)

One thing about age when you are young you use the rails to do "hanging-rolls" and then when you old you use it for support to not do "rolling-down-the road"

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