Jan 4, 2011

How did the visit on the farm go????

We did not stay the whole time....we pack up and go!!!!! It was our 1st stay in 2 years time....and we were   UN-WELCOME!!!! if I tell you all the strories your ears will start to glow!!!

Yesterday I start my exercise program and it was utter HELL!!!! I need a jump-start!!! and the "you-have-to-look-at-your-dieet-and -dont-put-crap-in-your-mouth" is like putting myself in jail. But I need to be in the best shape ( have not been in shape the last 10 years) for our last IVF try.

This dieet and exercise is not New Years things - its ivf-stuffing. I have NO New Years list. I am going to take this 2011 day by day and just have peace....

Suro sus join the gym today aswell...2012 ??? 30+ bikini models????? we wish !!!!!!

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