Jan 19, 2011


I have met this girl years ago… she became a client and then a friend. My opinion of her..she is shy, wonderful with a heart of gold, she is an inspiration !!!

I have got this “out look” in life, if you have dreams. Go and make then true as far as you can!!!! I am a true believer in that and I can really say , most of my dreams I have chase, happen, Maybe just because I am a believer!!!

So when we chat, she was always saying she would love to do this and that, it’s her dream!!
And then I will encourage her “GO FOR IT GIRL!!” You can and it will change your life forever.

So 2 years ago, she was telling me she wants to do scuba diving, but it’s a lot of money and she don’t have the guts!! So I ask her…”is this a dream????? YES!! Borrow the money, and then you can pay it off over time, then you make your dream can true.

So she phone me one day… I have entered a scuba course!!!! So she starts the course and she struggle so much and she was scared!! And she was struggling when they were still practicing in the POOL!!!! ( the open water not even mention) And she wants to quite!!
So I tell her, this was a dream….if you quite it now you will have no confidence in dreams ever.

At the end she was doing night dives!!!! And it change the whole her. She is a very good Marathon-runner. And always saying she would love to do the Com.rades once in her life, but she don’t know if she can , I was saying if it’s a dream, GO!! So last year she finish her first one, she is doing it this year again and at this moment she is practising for Iron-Man!! I am shock!!

Just show you If you dare to go after your dreams!! The next one will just pop up and you will have the confidence to chase it!!!

Every year I pick dreams, something I would love to do. Sometimes it’s big things ( like travelling , sometimes its adventure stuff, running a Half marathon, surfing( I was just lying on the board…) sometimes it’s small simple things (try painting, learn something new, seeing something new) and because I have dreams I chase it!!

This year I want to do tandem Para.gliding… and maybe a mountain bike race( difficult if you do biking once every 6months) and baking one batch of cookies.

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