Jan 16, 2011

She Hit my Reflex!!!!

For Christmas Luv give me a voucher at a beauty salon for a Back and neck massage and a pedi. What a nice prezzie!! What girl would not be ecstatic??? To be treated ,is one of my highlights in life.

I am a beauty therapist and I work from home and I just love my job. So for many years I did not go to salons, because I can do most of the treatments for myself. But 5 years ago I decided that it is time for me, to treat myself ( I WAS IN NEED OF ME TIME)..and after I made that decision, I was hooked on the luxury and to be treated, and the joy of the relaxation. I wish i was a queen that could be treated the whole day in spa’s!!!

The voucher is at a new girl in town, and she is quite good, after Friday I think, brilliant!!! So Friday I went for the pedi. When she finish the painting and was suppose to start the foot massage she just  touch my feet , have a frown on her forehead and ask if she can do a bit of Reflex.ology… ( I don’t mind what she do because I was enjoying the treatment.

Just for a a bit of back ground . In my course we did reflex.ology . I know how good it is for you and I know lot of IF’s go for reflex before IVF. But if you living in a small town you don’t have the luxury of good qualified therapists. And if they are not good …stay away!!!  They will do more damage than good. I broke my thumbs years ago so for me to do reflex... is an utter pain.

While touching my feet in 5 seconds, she looked up and said…
You don’t sleep…you get lots of migraine’s….you have depression…and your right shoulder is more stiff than the left….

I WAS SCHOCKED!!! She was dead right spot-on!!! Then I knew she is brilliant at Reflex. And I ask her about it and she said , she just love it, it is her passion!!! It was like an angel out of heaven, just what I need. So she go on… saying  I am so full of toxins it a really bad,, what did I do….so I told her about the ivf’s, the hormones and the whole tutty.
I was always in need of a person who luv it and now I have found her. For Monday I have made an appointment and I am going for a course with her, like a case study. I am so excited!! I am in need of a fix, because I knew my whole body is so mess-up, I am feeling sorry for myself.

So this week is going to be my first step to detox!! Thanx Luv!! if it wasn’t for the voucher I would never found my reflex-angel.

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