Jan 12, 2011

Unexplainable ???

If anybody wants to give me advice, PLEASE,  FIRST ASK ME WHAT HAVE  WE DONE TILL THIS POINT.. Before you the “idiotic-ever-knowing-everything-on-infertility-because-you –know-somebody-that-bla-bla-bla”
And now with surrogate stories that sound like the ultimate easy ever route( all the holywood super stars have twins ) if you cannot get you own kids. I want to go crazy, to listen to all this crap.

The newest thing people ask me now is…are you finish trying for kids, because have you ever thought of using a surrogate….Yes I have…. And it did not work…. O but I know someone that was a surrogate with TWINS!!! Why don’t you use her??? It is then when I want to flip around or just want to start peeing in my pants!!!! Of frustration!!!!! People only hear the success stories!!!!
To get a surrogate is not that easy, it’s not like you go with a lorry, crap a few, good looking incubator-ladies and then ask who of you girls can give me twins and then the one ,first putting her hand in the air is the lucky one!!! This stuff don’t work like that.
I am doing these If stuff for 10 years now and I have go down every route that was there to offer. I am not that lucky , My First Gift did not work, all the IVF’s did not work, all the IUI’s did not work, Natural did not work, Surrogate did not work and I am  not one of that success stories… I am the story you don’t tell, because I am the story with no end,  the story without the happy ending, I am the infertility story you wish you never heard.
Don’t ask me to try this or that…. The doctors don’t even know what to do next, because there is no problems.

I have excellent eggs.
Dear Luv’s sperms is top of the range, the best., we don’t need donors that’s not our problem.
The eggs and sperm fertilize every single time. The quality of the embryo’s is good every single time.
I do sometimes get pregnant…it is then when shit hits the fan…I lose the babies every single time over and over again. I am on a miscarriage-cocktail ( may sound yummie!! Its not, its hands full of pills and injections) and still it don’t work….why??? nobody knows???  There are no reasons for this.

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