Feb 11, 2011

What to do now?

Just got a call from my dear Doctor.  Its  bad that we are so far from the clinic, you cannot just jump in and ask what you want, its emails, calls… I’ve got so many questions and things I want sorted out before this last cycle, so he call me with all the answers and what he think now and blab la bla…and he say he don’t know yet what to do with our cycle, still thinking???? , what to change and what not. Only thing I knew we need a programme in days !!! I also say what I want to do this cycle and I cannot believe HE AGREE!! To do what I want, jippee now I can start to relax!!

I am not talking to everybody about my IF, but if you want to know you can just ask and I will tell. Because if you ask I know you really interested in me. My friends know that two. We have decided to not tell anybody around us this time. I have’nt  tell my mom yet.
But yesterday good friends of us ask about what next, so we tell and then they was so shock and emotional about the last time, and they tell us how shock they was when I lost the twins its still unbelievable to them. It is so hard to keep straight-face because I am off-the-walls-emotional. Never in my life have I been like this!!!!

Just phone my lovely suro, but she did not pick up… busy with her kids!! SHE IS SUCH A GREAT MOM FOR HER KIDS!!

“Why do supermarkets make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions, while the healthy people buy cigaretts at front????”

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