Feb 18, 2011

We are on...

Yesterday was such a nice day!! I always enjoy it so much with friends. Have to say I have eaten TOO MUCH sweet stuff!! , but I suppose it’s only once a year your Bday!!!
Just for the surprise, who showed up for my Birthday…. Yes, my periods!!!! She just love me so much she could not spare me just one more day to just enjoy myself. Bitch!!!!
So going to make the call…this cycle is officially….ON THE GO!!!!!
Clinic                        Check!!!
Doctor          Check!!!
Medication  Check!!!
Suro-sus      Check!!!
Luv                Check!!!
Emotions     Al over the place!!!
Me                  ???.....??? Help!!!!

This weekend we are going for my grandmothers 90Th Birthday !!!
Do you think we must take her to the party with a note in the back window of the car…..DINOSUAR IN TRANSIT !!!!????

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