Feb 23, 2011

She is my Sister xxxx

My Suro-sus :
Is the greatest sister in the whole wide world? She offers to be a suro for us last year and went through the whole ordeal without any complains. Not even one, except one …she forgot to do a bikini wax ( but I told her I don’t think the doctor will even seen that. After all we are not there to get a prize for best bikini-waxing!!)
She don’t need to go through this, but she wants for us, And for someone that have her own kids, naturally too go through Infertility treatments is not a joke. Its something that came from the heart, her heart. She wants us so badly to have babies she is borrowing us her uterus, for free!!
She have 2 gorgeous little daughters ( 3 years and 1 years old) me and Luv just adore them as if they are our little kids. It’s the only thing that make the IVF nice…it’s the only nice part, too see them.
My sister is the greatest mom to her kids. She has so much fun with her kids and she is there for them every single minute.  She is not one of that I-need-some-me-time-all-the –time-just-take –the –kids-out-of-my-site mom.
She do fun stuff with then like painting, baking, playing, telling stories and do fun stuff!! When they go on holiday it’s family-time, bonding time, with their kids, she look after her kids by herself.( not always getting someone else to look after her kids because she needs a break.) I have seen women never ever looking after their own kids, because they need a break !! from what????do they need a break??? Because someone else is already looking after their kids??? Just wondering???)
I talk to my sister a lot of times and from the kids was 1 months old, she is holding the phone next to their ears and then we talk, or must I say I talk. The older one talk to me now and I just love it!!
She let then make cards and send it to us, and she mail us photo’s every week. She is making us so part of her kids and I can only say, Sis you are great!!!!!

She is the best mom!! With 2 amazing little ones!!!!
Cannot wait to see them tomorrow night!!!

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  1. Myn liewe Cstelle,
    Surf eens naar vriendin Allison in Anchorage, Alaska:
    Photographer Carolee Beckham is expecting her first baby, and through the course of her pregnancy she is documenting the size of the baby... with fruit!
    Met hoop van seën. Jy sien dat ek altyd aan jou dink.
    Baaie kisses Liefdevol uit Vlaanderen waar daar Sneeu uit die hemel val vandag ;(
    Jou Nadja