Feb 24, 2011

Day 7

Day 7 and we are packing…tomorrow morning we have our day 8 scan at 7h45. Then we will see how many follicles I have, as all the other times at this moment it feels like there is none. But after the scan we will know how I have reacted on the medicine.
I can tell you I have never feel this good on the hormones, like this time!! I am feeling super-dooper-over-the –moon-good!! With Zero side effects, accept tiredness and I LOVEEEEEE it so much!!!! ( I am never tired, so enjoyed it while it last I, suppose)
I am so relax…
I was very emotional just before we started, because this is the last attempt and it so FINAL!!! And I think the biggest shock for me was the realization that INFERTILITY was part of our lives for 10 fucking toooooo looooong year. It came as a big shock. I am always very positive and was always thinking maybe next time….don’t stop, try again, you can do it girl…. And then 10 years was flying by.
But now as I write this I am soooo okay!!! I am fine, it feel like a big bag of bricks are off my back!! I am free!! After this I can have my real life back!! Without IF knocking at my door.

So for now, wish me, luv and suro-sus all the luck in the whole wide world ( We need it desperately !!)
Don’t know if I will be at a laptop all the time, but will try to keep you posted!!
My wish for us is 2 POSITIVE BETAS!!!!!!!

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