Feb 9, 2011

Just a Wednesday

Talk to Suro-sus yesterday, OOoooo I just have the best Suro in the world!!!! Special Angel on Earth!!!
On the last runs of treatment she was nausea and the other time she had terrible headaches…this time she is dead-rock-tired!!! I can’t wait to see what my body is going to do this time…

I am busy talking, or let me say mailing my doctor about the treatment that’s ahead. Hope for miracles this last time.
Waiting for the treatment is fine, but I suppose the moment this car is running it is going to be HOT-EMOTIONAL!! When Suro-sus went to fetch our purple bags, the sister was very concern about me and Luv, our whole long story, is working on everybody at the clinic. I think they want to scream if they see us coming back every time.   I now they want us to have success so badly.

Went for an eye test  yesterday and my eyes are also taking strain of all the medicine, because then you are using it and then not, then its this ,and then that.

This time we are not going to tell anybody about the last attempt, its just all of you on my blog that will know!!

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