Feb 8, 2011

Feeling better

Yesterday I went for reflex.ology again, There was a bit of aprovement but I need much more. I think of all the drugs he past year my insides are suffering, shame! She have start to work on the endo.crine system and all that is need to work in this IVF.

We dont have alot of time left.. and ever single seconds count. The diet ???????? I think I am into it now, I only treat myself with one crook-day a week and that helps alot, the rest I am stuck bubblegum.

Before I forget, you know the one arm-pit-with-the-andrenalin-sweet, after the treatments its gone!!! Yippeee

Feels funny, I am on NO drugs now and Suro-sus are on the injections already, THANX SUS!

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