Feb 28, 2011

ER on Wednesday

Just back from the clinic, folicles is more or less 20mm so tonight will be the Ovirel triggershot at 23h00 and ER will be Wednesday. I am doing fine, bit nausea but otherwise I am coping so well!!!, Just fed-up of hanging around, its hell boring!!! Not really in a shopping vibe!!!

Luv did his race this weekend and I am so proud of him!!! He suffer because it was so hot but he did SO GOOD for 1st Virgin-triathloner!!!!  and I was she girl who was not doing anything except eating. But next year I will defintly try the lite-race. Its always so nice if people are doing sport and you feel so good afterwards!! Thats why I want to make a end to IF , because I want my life back!!!!!

If I have a wish........ please I need more than 10 eggs!!!!

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  1. I am sorry if I seemed a bit off this morning at the clinic, I think it was you who came up to us wasn't it? I was just so surprised, no one has ever spoken to us at the clinic. I was also a bit nervous about our CD8 scan, so really didn't mean to be offish.

    So you have ER on Wednesday, we may bump into each other again as we will be back in for our next scan.

    Just wanted to say "hi" and thanks for coming up to us. It is always great when some of the people from the forum actually get faces to go with the names.

    Sounds as though there will be at least 10 eggies there. Will be keeping fingers crossed for a great haul, great fert report and that everything goes perfectly so you finally get your take home healthy baby.