Feb 25, 2011

I can see the follies

Just back from the clinic. I don't think they know it but it was day 9 not 8 because otherwise we are to long away from home!! yes I am too long at the clinic, I make the rules.

Firstly the sister was very professional but when we burst out of laughter for a private joke, we could not stop laughing and she either. Not emotional at all!!! I just love them so much that's why I keep going back,,,,

Dr Super Amazing is like always super cool with us.

Now for the update!!!!!

Suro-sus lining is fine and I have loads of follicles!! more than 10!! so now I just keep on stimming and will have my next scan Monday!!

Lluv doing great just seeing forward to his race tomorrow!!!!

have a wonderful weekend ,I will!!

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