Feb 4, 2011

Maybe its this????

There is stuff and things I am at this stage thinking off. With very new Ivf, I try something different…its hope…exercise…diet…refex.ology…massage…more sleep…to be super-dooper positive…keep my emotions under control…swimming…relax-lifestyle…new things on the market… I actually don’t know where to start because I did everything everybody think might work.
I am unexplainable BUT I still think what if?????
And for over a year I am thinking of killer-cell, because F*&^&^& something are out there killing my embies when they put it back.
And now I am thinking of Intra.lipids !!!!  I think that is what I need. It’s a drip you get more or less CD 3 and then on Tranfer day  and then when you get a positive.  I know some of the medicine of the miscarriage cocktail I used has things in for killer cells, but it don’t look like it has been working 100 %.

So before the end of this month I want to order mine, that is what I want this time!!!!


  1. Ek is 'n groot intralipids fan. Miskien is dit omdat ek vir die eerste/enigste keer in 10.5 jaar swanger geraak het toe ek dit gebruik het... Ek glo dit het vir my gehelp. Ek sal dit definitief aanbeveel!

  2. Dankie vir jou insig, ek voel ook dis miskien die antwoord!

  3. Liewe vriendin Cstelle,
    Nie huiwer, probeer! Ek bid vir jou welslagen. As God wil, sal die geluk.
    Baaie baaie liefs,

  4. Thanx , Nadja!! Hoe gaan dit met jou????

    xxxx cstelle