Feb 15, 2011

Hots day!

There is a heat wave upon us!!!! The humidity is un believable and  so hot. I just love summer and this heat, its just a bit bad if you still have to do stuff, because the moment you put your body outside….your are so sweaty!!!

Last night it did not cool off at all, and at the end we end up with the industrial fan on us. Only then we could sleep with that fan on full blast!!
Today it’s the same, I think I must go and visit friends with a pool. Today is a lilo-and-cocktail-day!!!

Every night there is lighting in the air, and that is not really happening usely with us, so I think the moment the rain is going to start, it not going to stop .
On the IF road…waiting for AF!!!! I know we are off soon, but I am enjoying this last fews days.

1 comment:

  1. Hier by ons is dit ook warm. Moet ook met 'n waaier aan slaap of ons slaap nie...

    Wil net vir jou sê ek het vir jou 'n Stylish Blogger Award gegee!