Nov 21, 2010

Weekend was full of rest!!

Am I pregnant or am I not anymore??? Good Question!!! Wish I have X-ray-eyes!!!!

This weekend I was bleeding like hell. It just never ever stop!!! I am using more pads than when I have my periods.

Tomorrow I need to test again, and it’s so stupid because you don’t know ,did you lose the baby or I am just loosing blood… like a old dog , this hair??

What I can tell you ,I HATE THE BLOOD, and the blood thinners
is not helping, it has worsened the process. With the twins I was bleeding till the day I lost then + it never stop till 4months after when I went on the pill to stop it!!! Ridiculous!!!!

So after this, blood is freaking me out, big time… I am not feeling good, and going to the loo is super awful!!!

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  1. Awe so sorry you have to go through this. Holding thumbs for you and your baby/ies xxx Please KUP