Nov 17, 2010

Friday???? where are you????

I am sitting on this “rubber-boat” scared-happy-optimistic, waiting for Friday to do the next Beta.

Then we will have a better idea, I have been on this road for so long, that’s why I know you have to take it day by day…

I once again I have seen there is NO GUARANTEES!!!!!!

I have my Suro-sus that wants to do this so badly for us, she did not struggle to fall pregnant, did not have any miscarriages, and have a breeze with pregnancy.

I struggle to fall pregnant, lost all the babies, and am a HIGH RISK PREGNANT-MEMBER.

They put the best 2 embies in Sus and the not so good ones in me and who is pregnant????
Me the High risk one!!!! So there is NO Guarantees!!! And with all of this, I have seen we are not in charge of things, somebody Higher make the decisions!!!

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