Nov 8, 2010

Some people got a tatoo on their face...wtih the word STUPID on it!!

Opinions???? Opinions???? Lots of people have then; I am one that has my own opinion of everything …BUT I WILL NOT ACT LIKE MY OPINION IS THE LAW OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!

Last week on a local radio station with sometimes I think my own opinion… bunch of super-dooper-idiotic-bummer-listeners. Have a discussion about SURROGACY!!!!

So I got this text…Put your radio on, they’re talking about surrogacy … and I run for the small, shower radio and sitting with my ear glued!
So this guy ask questions like, what do you think about surrogacy???? Will you do this yourself??? And blab la bla la( this is actually what this radio station do most whole day blab la ba bla

So now this is “oil on the fire” for the people. So now every ass phone in with what they think about the topic. Here follow some of the stuff:

Listener…In tears!!!!! “I am mother of 2….how can any mother just give up her kid. Then you are not a mother if you do something like that..snif, snif!!!” (ass it’s not the suro’s child!! It my eggs and my luv’s sperm!!! And no one forced her with guns, dynamite or bombs to do it, she is doing it because she have a heart, not like you a stone with the engraving “I am stupid” on it . If you give your baby away its adoption NOT SURRO!!! Get your facts right stupid!

Listener…”Why don’t these people not go and adopt a child!!! There are so many babies up for adoption!!” (ass why do you have kids of your own???...because I want my own kids?? O really, so why didn’t you adopt kids and not got your own) and I can tell your name have never seen an adoption list I guess. People like you think you just put your name on, its quickly, easy, no money involved, FUCKING NO EMOTIONS AT ALL INVOLVED.
Listener…”Do these people know the babies feel unwanted later in life, because THEIR MUMS gave them away!!” The surro’s give them away because they help parents that cannot have their own kids!! There are people in the world that “hunny-bunny-sex “doesn’t work for.The babies do not feel unwanted because the whole suro-thing is like a “luv-job” Women are doing it from the button of there hearts, and the mamma’s and pappa’s that get that child, will love that baby more than most people on street love their own babies, because they want them so badly!!

Listener…”There must be a law about this to stop it!!” There is a law ass!! And it cost a hec-of-a lot of money. There must be a law putting people like you “mouths to shut!!!”

Women that did Surro, was a surro and IP that was giving this wonderful babies from a surro phoned in with their stories…the right stories, because they was involved in this . But the people didn’t listen to it!! They was just sniffing and snotting about their own shitty opinions.

Everybody just have their own opinions.
One THING I want to say about this, is IF YOU NOT ON THE BUS , just get the F$#% off and shut up your face.!!!!!

To do surro is not just something you decided on the spur of the moment when you on a high with pot or booze!! You don’t just grap a surro by the hair from every street corner.

Because my eggs are good and luv’s sperm is still in the swimming gala, we were never put on the decisions of donors….. Because there is still a change of getting my own kids , we were never putting up with decisions of adoptions. And that is why I cannot give my opinions about it…BECAUSE I AM NOT ON THAT BUS.

This is how I am feeling ,how can you just give idiotic opinions about stuff you were never involved in?

Infertility, donors, adoptions, surro’s…. is very emotional stuff that involved persons, families, and friends and have decisions that have an effect on your life forever.


  1. My liewe vriendin Cstelle,
    Heel korrek en goed geskryf.
    Dankie vir jou voorstel. Dit is vir my ongelukkig nie moontlik om my posadres te stuur, want as dit in jou Blog gepubliseer is dan is dit voor soos wie toeganklik en dit wil ek nie. Maar jy kan my wel jou posadres stuur. Ek skakel die boodskappe pas vry nadat ek hulle goedgekeur het. In hierdie geval gee ek dit nie vry en skryf jou posadres af. Dan kan ek jou my adres wel stuur. Maar hoekom so ingewikkeld? Ek skryf jy tog in die Afrikaans in jou blog "Zero Guarantees" en jy antwoord my tog net so in Afrikaans terug. Soos jy die graag wil
    Baaie liefdevolle groeten,
    Jou vriendin Nadja

  2. It's sad really, people who have never been through it will NEVER understand what it's like to be faced with such a life changing situation, and all they want to do is have their 2c worth but at the end of the day they just talk shit!!!!
    Sorry you had to listen to that. There are the ignorant insensitives out there that we just have to ignore and forget they even exist. Their words hold no weight and they have no idea what they talking about. All we can do is feel sorry for their ignorant idiocity!!!!

  3. Hello Kitty,
    Quite right!
    Kind greetings from Flanders,

  4. Ai! Ek kan dit nie glo nie. As ek jy was het ek 'n brief vir daardie radiostasie geskryf en hulle mooi vertel wat jou situasie is en wat jy van hulle program dink! Ek stem saam met jou - mense wat nie in die situasie is nie verstaan dit nie en moet eerder hulle monde hou.

    Surrogaatskap is verseker nie 'n maklike besluit om te neem nie en dis niemand se eerste keuse nie. Ek bedoel almal van ons wens eerder ons hoef nie onvrugbaar te wees nie....

  5. Ja baie mense verstaan niks van die IF World nie, maar wil ook darem altyd 'n eier daaroor le!!