Nov 19, 2010


Weird to describe my feelings… after the spotting and then this morning the blood was just like periods, with pain and cramping still going on… I am wearing pads!! Not pantyliners!!

Thought it was over…With every pregnancy I BLEED!!!!! Emotionally I was preparing myself for the Beta.
The Beta came back 260!!! So from 56 to 260!! I was shocked!! I was quiet over the phone. ..

Phone the clinic, the sister is saying the beta is fine, what they wanted me to do the repeat on Monday to see if the beta is still climbing, because of the blood.

So now I am lying flat, I am hyper active so this is super funny ,me staying in one position. Nice part Luv’s running around with hot chocolate and pizzas!!!! I am like the rich bitch!!! What a life!!


  1. Ek is bly jou beta is baie hoër, en ek hoop alles is nog 100%. Sal jou in my gebede hou vir maandag se beta!