Nov 29, 2010

I am better than last week!!

The Tight and Bright Party was very nice and my mother did not suspect anything!! All her friends enjoyed it so much and they surprise me with their outfits. Very cool for 60 +ers!!! Suro-sus baked the brightest cake ever seen, her food was super nice!!,

On the other hand….How am I doing????? Wish I know, myself!!
I am suppose to be more or less 6 weeks pregnant….it feel like 6 years… and the best part, I don’t know, am I or am I not….

You all know the dreadful 2WW, but I am on my 4WW since I got my first beta of 58 I start bleeding 3 days after that, and it did stop as we blog… My Betas are just as confusing as I am; we are all in this hanging-space…. Normal people stop their periods when they pregnant, I start bleeding the moment I found out I am pregnant. Using more pads than ever.. With the twins I did stop bleeding for 7 months!!!!! HORRIBLE!!!!!

Very weird, you all know what’s up, but I did not tell anybody because I don’t know what to say. Its like this 4ww and only after next week 5ww when I go for the scan I will know…am I preggies or not!! Last week was terrible I was really not coping at all. Maybe if I just know everything is fine, I will relax.

Have to say the Beta’s are calling in my ear…do another one… another one… but I am strong for now!!!! But it’s only Monday today!!


  1. My baie liewe Cstelle♥
    Wat is 'n Tight en Bright Party? 'N verkledingspartijtje? Het dit iets met Tights Pantyhose te maak? Erotisch?
    Baie gekuk wens ik jou. Liefdevol,

  2. Sorry, "gekuk" = geluk ! tyfoutje, I am so excited for YOU!

  3. Tight and bright = trek iets styf en kleurvol aan.

    Dit was baie pret gewees!!

  4. Ai Cstelle ek hoop jy oorleef die res van die wag tot jy kan gaan vir jou scan. Dit is seker 'n baie moeilike situasie om in te wees, maar ek dink aan jou in my gebede!

  5. Hi Cstelle, ek besef hierdie gewag maak jou mal, weet net ons dink aan jou en hoop en GLO dat hierdie jou LO sal wees wat jy huistoe vat oor 'n paar maande!
    Riana xxx