Nov 13, 2010

Positive we are waiting for you BIG TIME!!!

Tomorrow will be the TEST DATE!!!!!

I am so irritated, so nerve-up, so whoooozz-head, so emotional!!! And fucking shit scared!!!!! I cannot face last times results again. I will defiantly loose it!!!!!
Suro-sus will test tomorrow morning, and I really hope this will be the lucky time for us!!! Not nice to go through all of this grap for nothing.

I will test Monday , because the nearest lab is hour and a half drive from here and I am not going too gunpoint someone just to get my blood works done like last time.

So on Monday I will go the depot in town, they will send my blood away and then I will only get it 5 o’clock. This is endurance!!!! Its like testing my own nervy-body!!!! I am like an army sergeant on myself.

POSTIVE!!!!!POSITIVE!!!!!!POSITIVE!!!! this is what I am waiting for!!!! BIG TIME!!!

Just for the records….NO PEEING ON THE STICKS YET!!!!! I am too scared!!!!! Just hoping, hoping hoping

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