Nov 18, 2010

Searching for meds!!

Funny how every single time I semi –pregnant, we need to run around for pills and meds!!

Yesterday it was time again!!!! And its freaking me out BIG TIME!!!!!
I love the town we are living in , BUT service???????? There is none!!!!!

I went to the Pharmacist, order my meds, it will be there the next day, went to pick it up….sorry we forgot the order and when we order, we where 10 min late… Fuck-Head!!!!!!!! This is me that need that meds ASAP!!!

Sorry …for me, means to climb over the counter and KILL YOU!!!!!! Brutally!!!!

So now I start phoning….. Get into my car go to a nearby town for the meds!!!!!

The Pharmacist gives me the pills and ask…”Can I ask you a question??” How are you feeling on that pills with all the side effects????
I start laughing……What????? I am on so many hormones, pills and injection…I am feeling Marvellous!!! What do you think!! Its was so funny… if he know how fuck-up my system really is ..HE WILL START TO CRY!!!!


  1. am holding thumbs! am holding thumbs! am holding thumbs!

  2. oops sorry I meant to post that holding thumbs post on your previous post...but am still holding thumbs no matter what!

    How crazy is it that your sister didn't get the BFP! This is proof that with IVF there really are no guarentees unfortunately and that someone out there is making the decision.