Nov 5, 2010

4 is on board!!!!

The 4 embies is where they need to be, hope the doctor glued then in our uterus.

This morning is the first calm day just to think… everyday was such a rollercoaster experience and now its over we can just relax ( if you can relax in your 2 week wait).

We got the call for the transfer, then we did everything we need to at home, drive half pass 10 from home the night, sleep over at my mom, early drive to suro-sus, and then we sit around…

The telephone ring, the sister at the clinic…where are we now?? The theatre list is early ( does that happen ever at a hospital????) if we near we can come. So now we getting our stuff and off we go!!!! Very exciting stuff….WE MAKING A BABY!!!!

At the clinic they were waiting for us at the door, maybe because I feel like they’re friend, after all I have been with then since 9 years ago… no waiting, we get our pants down, put on the gowns and off to theatre. (the best part of it all was , we did not get time for the water and you will know THAT FULL BLADDER IS KILLING YOU!!!!!)

Suro-sus went first, and the whole theatre atmosphere was WONDERFULL!!! Everybody was so NICE!!!! While we were waiting for Dr Amazing. I discuss my eggs with the “ Lab-Rat” he said my eggs are just fine, How old are you??? And without a blink of my eye I said 26! The sister could not stop laughing as well as Luv and Sus. The sister said what are you doing here if you only 26. Must be the hormones my head is whoozzzz… if I am not eating dog food I forgot my age!! Maybe I am a young dog!

Any case Dr Amazing step in, he is just the best in the world!!! We‘ve got 7 embies, they really was very confused what to do if they must put 4 or 5???? At the end Suro-sus got 2 and I got 2. The rest will stay in the expensive hotel and If they fine by Saturday will be freeze.

You get on the bed, they cover you up for what’s its worth, and they put your legs in stirrups!!( just luv this part ..its horrible, you not trying to get a tan under the massive theatre light?? Are you??) Then they put the speculum in, and then they washed your cervix, while lying in FULL display!!! Dr put the catheter into your uterus. The sister is sitting the scan on your stomach. Then the embryologist is loading the the embryos and then they inject the little “wishing-they all-become – babies-embryos” to the best place into your Uterus. Then you roll over to a bed and get wheeled to your room where you have to lie still for an hour.
I was fine with the transfer, but when the doctor said this must be your lucky one after everything you went through and said the students was shock when the saw my case, I got very emotional!!

My transfer was also fine!!! To kill time we played 30 seconds. Luv was asking the questions for me and sus. Then they bring us tea and sandwiches ( suro-sus can be so lucky we took her out to this nice coffee shop…lying on you back…it is the most expensive coffee shop we ever visit!! Hahahha

I am loads with meds, blood thinners, and the jikky vaginal pills!!!!

So now the ever dreadful 2ww is on us!! Testing date the 14 November!! The Sunday!!

Now we believe and pray!!!!

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