Nov 26, 2010

Just a bla= bla day in my life

Today, I am not going to la- la- bla-b la- about what’s over-operating-my-life-at-this-moment!!!

We are giving my mother a surprise-breakfast-birthday party Saturday morning!! and at this minute we really hope that NO-asshole let it slip to her… It’s a THIGHT AND BRIGHT party ( you have to dress like the theme). I have made my mother a tutu and have found horrible stockings to wear. She is going to love is !!!!

Suro-sus is doing the main dish, and I, the table settings. Tomorrow when I wake I need to bake some muffins…and I am the worse baker in the world, my nerves are rags!! But I cannot wait to get to the farm, I need some away time now.

At this time of the year it feel like my throat are block because there is so much going on and no time left. So this last month I was doing this stupid silly stuff that stays forever on your note book and never get tic off.

One on mine for over a year was to print a coffee table book of some of my photos. Made the book but just did not get it to the printers and the joke, when I mail the order, it took 3 days and it was finish. Its tic off and I love it, all my friends think its super cool…..have to say, me too.

My Christmas prezzies are wrap and tag!! You go girl!!! ( only buying for the kids)

Next year can come knocking on my door because my 2 year to do list is clean… and it feels super dooper!!!

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