Nov 7, 2010

Still cruising

The embryos is inside and I wish all 4 are now nestle into where the best place will be for them for the next 9 months.

Weird how you feel the moment the embryos, what you think babies are, are in side.

You scared to stand up – What if they fall out?
You scared to pee –what if you pee then out?
You scared to blow your nose-what if they coming through our uterus, through your snotty nose unto the tissue?
You scared to drive gravel road- because they can bump out.
You scared to walk... to jump… to drive…to drink coffee… to have a bath… you are just so scared and 7 days are left to wait for the bloodworks!!

At the moment I drink 9 pills, 2 vaginal inserts bombs and 1 blood thinners injection. And boy o boy I have find the most amazing injections, the needles are so thin, they don’t even make a bruise, as all the other time.

HOW IS MY MOOD RIGHT NOW?????? I am doing just fine ….for now!!!


  1. Good luck! Keep us posted and I'm holding thumbs for you and your embabies xxx