Sep 15, 2011


A letter for my Miracle twins…

A few months I wrote a letter too you, and ask you to please stick in you Aunty ‘s tummy, because we want you so much!! And you read it, I am so pleased!!!! Because you got stuck!! Jippeeee!!!

So I want to tell you how we can not wait for your arrival soon. Everything is in there place you two. Your room is finish; I am thinking you 2 will love it!! There is no theme and it’s not a baby room, more a toddler room with loads of colour, just like me your mommy’s personality!!

Your dad just finish the electricity last night, so we can put your monitor in. We don’t want sit down stairs and not hear when you two call us.

I can not wait to give you a bath, change you diaper and put you to bed!! Snuggle you little tiny bodies.I will love you smell, I cannot wait to stare at you for hours!! and I can tell you this BE WARE!!! I will not put you down!! People can say I spoil you, I dont care!! I have waited toooooo long!!!!!! I have 10 years of LOVE I want to give you.

Loads of people are sitting on the edge of their chairs waiting for you 2. You are so privileged, because many many people are praying for you. I think that’s why you 2 are sitting like nuts inside your Tummy Aunty.

I am so excited, over-rated-out-of-my-skin-super-dooper-can-not-wait-bounching-of-the-walls-have-no-words-bursting-out-of-pleasure-tears-happy!!!

Every time I am looking at your Auntie’s tummy I wonder my ass-off to know what’s inside!!! How you will be looking like me or you dad. Hope you got all the best feature of us.

Every single second, minute, hour and day is a bonus. I am so proud of you 2!! You defiantly surprise us big time, with your stay in Aunty-suro. All can say is hanging in their sweethearts!!! The wait will be worth it!

The moment the doctor will lift you out (he will be the first one you will see first) You will meet us all then. You won’t miss me your mommy, I will be crying as if it’s the end of the world. Your dad will be the long one standing with tears in your eyes. He will not be crying loud like me, but the tears will be there, that I can promise you. Your wonderful Suro-Aunty will be the one lying on the bed and the rest will be undercover with masks, and no its not a “funcy-dress” we will tell you later who they will be.

So wonderful miracle babies mommy is waiting desperately for you 2!!


  1. Liewe vriendin Cstelle,
    Wat 'n heerlike, wonderlike brief. Ek is daar baie ontsteld van.
    Liewe groet ook aan Suro-Sus: Regtig jammer dat ons haar voornaam nie ken nie!
    Baie kisses uit Vlaanderen,

    xoxo en nog xoxo

  2. Cstelle, what a beautiful letter to your babes !! What an amazing story theirs is !!
    Congrats over and over again. You made it after such a long journey .... WAW !!