Sep 20, 2011

Hit the road, mom...

Visits too the doctor is getting most boring now, because nothing happen. Actually its GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!! The babies are sitting like glue – I think it’s because of all the prayers from all over!! These babies are just mending to be miracles and that’s why everything is working out the way it is. While we busy scanning the one baby on the left, the busy one, did not like it at all…the one was kicking like hell!

So the coast is clear and babies are doing fine!! I am so relax about everything. This is not up to us and I know we are in good hands, that was with us all along this journey. We are so bless!!

I have been at my sus for weeks now and miss my house so much, that’s why I have decided …. I am going to hit the road today, just for a very very quick visit to my house a few hours away…. Hope this is a good call. You know how things work : Suro-sus bags are pack, I am pack weesk ago, Luv’s bags are pack weeks ago- WE ARE ORGANIZED!!!! AND NOTHING HAPPEN.

Really hope the twins will give me this quick break  not doing funny things. Please give mommy a break!!

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  1. Dag liewe Cstelle en Suro-Sus,

    Môre begin hier amptelik die herfs en by julle die lente...
    'N musikale noot passend by jou titel "Hit the road,Mom":

    Hit the road Jack

    Moedig bly! En ek bly vir julle bid!

    Baie kisses, heel liefdevol uit Vlaanderen,
    Je vriendin