Sep 4, 2011


We are 29 weeks and I don't know how we got here. We are soooo near!!! and if there is one thing we don't want to miss its, the birth of our miracle-twinnies!!!! so its Sunday night and tomorrow I will go to Suro-sus for the week and maybe till the end. So you can just imagine how the car look!!

...because I pack everything, from what would I like to wear, things to keep me busy, last minute-projects. i am not good at making up my mind so then....I pack everything I see and what I think I will need. 

The weekend we by so quickly, and its nice for me to do nice things with Luv, soon we will not be alone( thanks for that) so we enjoy this last-minute-just-us-sleeping-late-eating-out-doing-us-things!!!

All the babies bags are pack, so if I am in Cape Town and Luv got the call, he just need to grap all the stuff on the bed ( car seats, hopitalbag, leaving hospital things) I am so organize its unbelievable. Its not me. But its the excited me that took over!

Tuesday is our next scan I can not wait!!!!


  1. yah for getting organised! If you are going to be in Cape Town we will have to do that lunch we keep threatening. I would so love to meet up again, seeing as when last we saw each other we were just having transfer for our miracles.

    I too am now packing bags, still keep thinking of more things I need to get though?

  2. I will contact you over the weekend. will be nice seeing you again!!