Sep 1, 2011


This may sound ridiculous but I would really love to breastfeed.  Why this I cannot tell you, I just want to do it!! The easy way out is defiantly I am not pregnant....I don’t have babies is going to do the bottle-thing and twins is double the milky-trouble.

Its not a issue if, it do not work out, but I want to take a change, and try.( I love taking risks, that’s why I am here today)  I have nothing to lose after all. I was trying for months now to ask around what to do and how. Going around and around and at the end I think nobody know when and where.  

So now, yestererday I have started with my trying-to-get-milk-out-of-this-dried-out-cow. I need to drink pills ( its like  The “happy-pill” you  drink for depression) and this is weird for me, it freak me out a bit. Because after 10 years of IF this is the EVERY FIRST  “Happy pills” I pop, and for milk and not for depression.

So I am drinking pills and do stimulation with a breatpump daily...and the BIG thing... when will I have milk???? How long will this take to kick-in??? Will it ever happen???? We will have to wait and see... will let you now.

I have start with this now , because my hormones need some milky-wake-up-call and what if I miss this bus and milk only arrive when the twins already start eating with their own knife and fork??


  1. Liewe Cstelle,
    Milky way! Liefkozing op jou borste.
    Ek bewonder jou moederliefde.
    Baie kisses. Liefdevol uit Vlaanderen,


  2. There is nothing ridiculous about wanting to feed your babies. Nothing at all. Breast milk is the most precious first gift you can give your babies and I applaud you for not taking the easy way out and being willing to take this chance and hope for the best. Please keep us posted on how it goes. Wishing everything for the best so you can feed your precious and very long awaited special babes.