Sep 19, 2011

31 weeks

Today we are 31 weeks. This is a big milestone!! 31 31 31 31 31 weeks. In the beginning we just hope to get as near as possible to the 30’s and now we are 31 weeks. I don’t think you know how wonderful each day is we pass.

Tomorrow we have another doc’s appointment to measure the cervix and check the little one’s.

I am still do the pumping thing and the milk is getting more each pump (although Suro-sus think it is sooo funny, because you need glasses to spot the milk in the bottle. The last 2 day was much more!.

It is still amazing just to have milk!! I am not pregnant and I can breastfeed!! Wowwwww Wowwwww!!

All we do right now is wait and try to get past each day, and keeping them in for more days. I have not been at my home for weeks now and I MISS MY HOME SO MUCH!!!!!!!! Gosh!!!! I miss my husband and my house and my things around me!!! I have so many stuff I still need to do there!! Hope the fairies will jump in and help.

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  1. That is great 31 weeks !!
    Must be soo difficult to keep waiting patiently after all these years, at the same time, you want them as "well-baked" as possible !!