Sep 7, 2011

Keeping up!!!

Whats going on in Suro-Twin-Aunty-household????

Nothing!!! She is lying down most of time, the 4 years old is in school in the  morning and I and the 2 year old went for last minute shopping!! ( everybody asking if its my kid?? NO!!! mine's on their way...)

I really hope the twins stay in as long as possible!!! the longer they stay in the quicker we can go home. To our home. The home I miss  the whole time!! and I miss their father the most!! JEEEEE I miss LUV!!!! our relationship feel at this moment like a dating-thing. ( have to say I am defiantly date the most gorgeous, lovable man in the whole wide world!!) Miss you luv xxxxxx

I am so excited , but one thing I am scares of is the theatre!!! I am not scared of the doctors, or the whole labour thing...I am scared that the moment things are going to happen.... my throat will clog and log up and then its when the waterfall of tears will come. What if I miss the whole experience , because I could not see!!! I cried to much

... just for the record.... NO MILK YET!!!! This cow is still dry-up!!


  1. So glad surro-sus is hanging in there. As you say them coming early unfortunately doesn't really get them into your arms and home earlier. Sounds like you are doing everything to support your sus in keeping brewing these babes.

    Hang in there on the milk front. Have you tried jungle juice or rehydrat. I have heard they are good to help with milk production. The jungle juice recipe I got from Cam:
    50ml Schlehen Elixir
    1 litre Apple Juice
    2 litres Water
    1 Sachet Rehydrat
    1 cal C Vita tab
    A few drops of rescue remedy

    I think you just sip on it as much as you can throughout the day.

    Good luck, hoping the milk comes in soon.

  2. Thanx I got that juice. Boobs are getting more sore by the day so maybe soon!!

  3. When you stand there, 10 years of emotion is going to surface...just be in it... it is your moment... you are becoming a is huge and big and the depths of this love and journey is too big to even put into words...just feel every feeling, cry, laugh, fall down (heehee) (just don't pass out!) and enjoy the birth of your babies xx