Sep 26, 2011

They are DUE!!!!!

32 WEEKS!!!!!! And Guess what!!!!!!!

Wednesday half pass one; we are going to meet the most precious, beautiful, special, cute, miracles twin babies!!!!!!!!!!! In the world!!

We are going to be PARENTS!!! Can you believe it!!!!!

We visit the doc today and Suro-sus cervix is hanging on threads!! It’s open!! I could see that on the scan and if there is one thing we don’t want, it’s labouring at home. Not again. When the doc made the call of the due date , I start crying!!! After all these years its happening.

Luv got time to get his ass down here (He is super ecstatic!!) and I need to get the cameras charged and we need  to do the last minute waxing and sorting of the suro-sus kids for Wednesday!!

All I can say is WoWWWWWW WoWWWWWW!!!!!

Dont know how I got this not the right way up.. but turn your head side-ways!!! me at 32 weeks!!!!

...and sus at 32 weeks with 4,5 kg she have pick up!!

Look like the nerves have knock my brain, so turn your heads to he left!!


  1. I have been following for quite a long time.

    Just wanted to wish you guys all the best for Wednesday. I cannot even imagine how excited you must be right now! Cannot wait to read all about it :)

  2. Eeeek that's so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What awesome news, good luck with the planning and preparation and remember to keep us updated xxx

  3. Liewe Cstelle & Luv, liewe Suro-Sus,
    Fantasties, dit is nou imminent, vanaf môre tel ek mee die ure af. Wees geseënd!
    Tot woensdagnamiddag,
    Heel liefdevol uit Vlaanderen,

  4. Strerkte vir woensdag! Ek hoop alles verloop goed en mag jou babatjies mooi sterk wees! Gee jou sus 'n drukkie van my, sy is so spesiaal en ek hoop ook sy voel gou beter!

  5. Dis ongelooflike nuus nig en 'n wonderwerk...die 32 weke mylpaal! Geluk aan jul almal! Die trane loop sommer aan die kant ook elke keer as ek jul dink...xx

  6. stywe drukkie, groot glimlag, spring op en af en klap my hande...want 'n wonderwerk gebeur.... drukkie vir jou sus ook. moenie omkap in die teater nie... jou babas het jou nodig..heehee...terg net! wow!!! Lin xx