Sep 21, 2011

Home sweet home

After 3-4 weeks not being at home....and my mother asking me if I don’t want to quickly go home. I pack my car, and make a great escape, jumping in my car and put my foot on the gas....

It is soooooo wonderful and nice at home for a change. When I got home home last night Luv order a pizzas ( he is such a sweetie!!) and we sat and chat and , I was out of my skin just to have my own things around me. Jippeeee just love my own stuff.

Luv has packed all the stuff that we bought for the twins in one room. Its diapers, car stools, baby stuff ect.  It is standing throughout the whole house. This morning I was up and jumping in to do things in the baby room. This break is so great for me just to get everything in order again. Luv did wash all the baby clothes , I am so glad for that. Every time I handle the tiny things I want to burst with excitement, because I know the twins are on their way.

My cell phone is glue to my ear in case of TWIN- emergency!!! But I really hope my twins will behave and give me this last break.....after this they can keep me busy for years!!!And  as you know when you have you cell phone with you ( I don’t have mine always with me so half the day I and running because  where ?? have put it down ) now it is ringing the whole day with people who want to sell something or insurance-stupid-people-who-wants-to sell-it. The cell is killing me!! For now my cell is a twin-baby-call-phone!!

My wonderful( yes sus let mom read this!!) is standing in for me, and is at Suro-sus right now. Dont let the kids kill her she is doing a BIG  favour for me!! Thanx MOM!!!! I know you are the one who’s nerves are cracking with this “THINGS” your daughter are doing right now.....RELAX!!!!!!

Got a surprise this morning opening up the door, my garden is full of wonderful blooming flowers!!!


  1. So exciting !!
    All the best and enjoy the "quiet before the (happy) storm" !!

  2. stopping in from ICLW. Sounds like you are about to undergo a serious adventure. Good luck with everything!