Sep 11, 2011



I am not dried-up anymore!!!! After 9 days of drinking the pills and pumping my breasts once a day. Thursday after the pumping, my one nipple where bit wet. First I thought its so sore maybe my boob has torn.  But NO!!!! Can you believe….. It’s the first signs of milk!!

I have to say the pump I am using is the best!! It’s the Medela Pump in Style. And it is sucking my boob’s up-side-down.

One of my newly met twin-mommy-to-be friend, phones me with what to do now to collect the milk. I went and bought injections and now after each pumping session I collect the drops.

Luv was so impress!!! And now for he comedy: This weekend Luv can to Suro-sus and visit us ( we are still on dating, me and him) So after the pumping he is now collecting with the injection needle all the drops from the tubes and my nipples!! Suro-sus kids think it is very funny and I think its funny two. We don’t want to loose a singe drop!!

We have collect 3 tubes now!! This journey never stop to amaze me!!!!

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