Sep 9, 2011


What am I suppose to do?????

I think that when you are the pregnant one, you know what to do and what are expected from you and know what will happen when.

But what when you are the mother?? And are not pregnant?

If you are the pregnant one you know:

#        When to go to hospital (some women don’t, if it’s a speedy-water-    break)
#        to pack your bags and what to put in.
#        you will stay a few days in hospital and will get visitors
#        you get yourself ready
#        Go for the last hair cut
#        Get you nail polish remove for theatre
#        You shave you legs  and got you HOO-HAA wax ( after all you are going to be on theatre-spotlight!!
#        You’re cell phone is charge for all the “let-the-world-know-who-just-arrive”
#        You’re camera’s is charged for the “photo-shoot-of-the-year”


#        Suro-sus will just tell me “ Its time to go” ( and then I will go into a spin and Luv will start to shiver.

#        I will go to hospital, but what must I do?? Where must I sit or stand?? Will I get a room or must I live in my car in the parking load? Will I get visitors and must we better use to coffee shop or scrubbing room?

#        and in theatre where will they put us?? Peeping through a window, waiting next to the coffee-vent, or will we stand next to the red-line??

#        My hair is cut, but now I think will my babies love my hairstyle??
Or must I quickly put in a few funky colours?? I have had blue in my hair the day we put then back in. Maybe they like blue? Or must it be a mix green, pink, blue, yellow ( oops I hate yellow)

#        I love nail colour. , but now will they like the purple that’s on or  must I put pink on my nails and green on my toes???
#        Its winter time so I don’t need a wax,  the nice part this time , is I am not the EXPOSE-ONE (the only nice part) and  for the first time ever my HOO-HAA are not going to get ALL THE ATTENTION ( sometimes you need to step down)

#        My cell phone are charged the last few months!!!

#        and the camera’s…I’ve got arsenal of camera’s line-up. There is not a change in space I am going to miss the MIRACLE OF THIS LIFETIME!!!

So as you all can see, the last preggy-hormones in me is mixed-up like a cocktail……..


  1. your babies will love you no matter what colour your hair is or if your nails are pink or black... you are their mother and they will accept and love you no matter choose a colour that is good for you (and makes you look fab in pics ;-)
    Good luck for the preparations, it is very exciting indeed xxx

  2. jy doen net wat jou hart vir jou se om te doen... en as jy nie weet nie, dan vra jy... en dan is jy net daar in die oomblik..elke liewe, amazing sekonde van die magic wat in julle lewe gebeur... om te dink dat die twee kleintjies vir jou as hul mamma gekies het...mmmmm....sooo amazing... my hart loop oor vir julle, Lin xx