Sep 12, 2011

Happy Anniversary Zero Guarantees!!!

Today is my blog's 1st Anniversary on this name ZERO GUARANTEES!! Time is flying so quickly!!! and Geeeee Whizzzzzzz look at all that happened.

Last year this time we where waiting for the Court case to  go through and proceed with this Suro journey. Try number 2 and 3 pass. I got a positive beta twice and Suro-sus is on the final step of the miracle journey!!! The twins birth!!

Last year this time I was so fed-up and now me and Luv are SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!  I can not tell you what I am feeling!! it will be over rated!!!!

We went to the doc today and the twins are defiantly Miracle's.... everything is still fine!!!!! They have a jol of a time inside my sus. We have start with our first injections for the babies lungs!!!

Babies your mommy can not wait to meet you!!! and to hold you two!!!!


  1. Dag liewe Cstelle,
    Gelukkige verjaardag van jou blog. Die tyd gaan vinnig gebruik hom wel! Jy sal weldra 'n nuwe titel mag gee ;-)
    Baie kisses. Heel liefdevol uit Vlaanderen,


  2. jy moet nou terwyl jy tyd het vir hulle briefies skryf.... Linxx