Sep 16, 2011

They sitting like glue

Just got back for the doc. The twins are doing fine!!! and are so happy inside their 5-star-hotel on legs!! more must I say 3-star the space is not that much anymore!!

The cervix are still close not that much any more but CLOSE!! We will scan on Tuesday again and see what will happen. But for now....the coast is clear.....

Suro-sus kids are getting more and more irritate now. Shame their mother can not pick them up  anymore. They must be fed-up with always someone under their feet 24/7. I think they just need their parents to be alone with them for while giving them quality-time. And at weekends Suro-sus husband are home to help. That's why me and Luv ( he is coming down this weekend) are going to hit the road and give them a break this weeked!! after all we are just a phone call away if the twins are making trouble.

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