Sep 6, 2011

29 weeks and things are happening...

Just got back from the doctor and Suro-sus serviks open  up more. The doctor say things can happen in the next 2 weeks maybe, but we are going to take it day by day from now. Monday we will have our next check-up.

Suro-sus are getting more uncomfortable by the minute, but she is keeping up great!! except for her nerves!!.

I am getting more and more excited. Jumping from the walls. Things are happening so quickly now. This journeys is sooooo near the end. I have not read anything, found out anythings, did not diet, I just eat!!( nerves??) and I just don't have a care in the world. Just want my babies!!!!!

Its killing me more and more to see what the gender will be. I am so glad we have left this surprise to the end!!!!!!!!

When I past the hospital this morning the flags of the babies that was born was hanging, and all I can think of is ....what flags are we going to hang!!!!


  1. Sjoe C things are moving forward. Hoping your sus' cervix holds out for a while longer so those babies keep getting strong and don't have to spend too long in the hospital. Take good care of your sus and keep us posted. Wishing you all lots of health and luck for the coming weeks!

  2. Oh my word Cstelle!!! Whats up with these twins that all want to come early!!! Thinking of you xxx

  3. These twins just want to meet their parent so much!!!

  4. Thinking of you all Cstelle and hoping that those babies bake for a little while longer :)

    I know you must be jumping out your skin with excitement to meet them.


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