Aug 1, 2011

24 weeks!!!

Scan was so amazing, because I saw them today and everytime we just get more in love with them!!! They are both weighing over 700gram and have turn again!!!! and are lying now with their heads down and their legs up.

...and I have got myself a breast pump and the rest of the week I am staying with the twins and suro-sus and her family.

We are also going to start shopping!!! Jipeee!!


  1. So glad all is going great with your LOs. Enjoy getting stuff for your Miracles, it will make it all more real.... what about getting little oufits in "gender-neutral" colors (beige,pastel- grey, greenish, white)?
    That is what I started to do in view of our adoption. Then, if it is a girl, I'll just put a little bow in her hair ;-))

  2. Awesome! Great that that are doing so well and that you get to spend time with your Sus and family and the TWINS! What breast pump did you buy and please keep us updated on the shopping.